Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Luck of the Gods

It has been a very peculiar last few days!

Olly decided to throw a tantrum with the handle on his bicycle! He couldn't stand the bike up properly against the garage window, so he shoved it really hard, and the handle went through the window and shattered glass everywhere!

Something else ruined.....Ho-hum!

I've been studying really hard lately for my exam, (2 weeks to go!) - at least to try to get through a (past) paper a day....Hubby has not been helpful at all.

Found a new mate he has - a biker chum!

I told him I didn't want a load of beer-swilling, leather-clad, bearded road hogs on my lawn, revving their engines, with ZZ Top blaring out of some crappy stereo.

Anyhow, they all took to the roads (relief), but I was left trying to study at home with the two kids continually fighting and in a 34 degree heat. (!)

Git. (Hubby, not the kids).

Later on, I had a complete meltdown which included a panic attack, (very nasty), and me behaving like a petulant child, complete with protruding lip.

(Well, sometimes, in order to be heard by our nearest and dearest, a tantrum is required, however, it didn't do any good because Hubby has now buggered off to Johannesburg!)

Went off to college today and completed another god-forsaken nightmare of a paper. When I showed it to my tutor he said 'I'm impressed'!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh joy of joys!

Then, as he continued to talk in depth about the paper..... I lost my concentration and started thinking about the cat getting a flea jab tomorrow.

Mmm......I dont think that's a good sign.

I got a massive surprise when I got home, apparently David Mcmahon author of Authorblog , chose my blog as one of his Pick Of The Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think he is a Blog God - he certainly is a God of photos! Check out his website - its fabulous.

Oh happy days......xxx



  1. Well done on the "pick of the day" thing, sorry to hear about your panic attack, i have recently suffered these, they are just awful and make you feel like your going to die! Had to laugh at the tantrum thing though...i am picturing you now pouting lol x

  2. Ahh the ups and downs of life eh! I am sure your cat was pleased you were thinking of it if that's any consolation :0)

  3. That's great, I am not the only one throwing tantrums!!! I feel so much better :)
    Sorry to hear you have been having a hard time with the studies and lack of support though, but you must be feeling so proud for being pick of the day AND for wrting a brilliant paper! Well done!

  4. Ooh honey - well done for being pick of the day - I am very impressed and proud too! Just remember - we all knew you before you were famous!!! Panic attack - yuck - but remember I'm only a few minutes away!! Are you coming to Mummy Bloggers meet up in London? Would be good to 'meet' you! x

  5. You're a student too! Go Mummy students! Also loving the tantrum, I've thrown a few of these recently (most recent one - um - yesterday and it was a whopper). And Pick of the Day as well. A real up and down kind of day. Good luck with the exam.

  6. Well done for being pick of the day i will have to go and check it out! Bloody men! grrrr! I don't know you are managing to study as well as being a mum you are a superwoman. I'm starting a course next tuesday to become a home start volunteer, i'm really looking forward to it. It goes on for 6weeks and then I go and help out families once a week. Hope you are going to the bmb meet up, i'm going if its any incentive lol!! x x

  7. Sound times a good tantrum helps. Got to get the stress out :)

  8. oh. ZZ top on the lawn would be bad. the trousers are so tight and i've often wondered how they kept those beards clean.

    i will not say something trite about life being about ups and downs.

    i will say that husband better be clocking up the air miles and about to take you on a fab trip, what with all his travelling. Does he work for Total?!

  9. Well done on getting post of the day! I loved the superwoman post! At least with the bad came the good! Well done xx

  10. Congrats on getting post of the day! Everyone needs a good tantrum once in a while :-)

  11. Ah yes...I remember those days. For me it was my daughter getting into my printer ink and spraying the white sofa with it, while my son tipped over a large maple mirror (it smashed into a billion bits), while I tried to clean it up my son was turning on the stove...while my ex-husband rolled joints in the basement with his brother...No wonder I had grey hair at 23! I always remember a saying though for days like that..."This to shall pass"

    Lovely blog :-)

  12. You sound just like me, I'm always throwing tantrums! I got post of the day too by David. I don't know who is is but he seems important and I've got a few new followers as a result which is always nice. I was very flattered. Well done us! x

  13. Hello!

    WOB - Thanks very much. Panic attacks are dreadful things - only cured by heaps of valium or no kids! since I cant get rid of the later I shall console myself with the former - moderately of course! xx

    OMG - I was just so bored, I drifted off....the cat was a bit miffed today after her jab x

    PHM - Thanks so much. Unfortunately my paper is not written its about accountancy - very tedious and extremely boring! I'm not going to lie to you - Yawn! Sorry - nodded off again!!!

    MT - I wish I could meet you - but exam on June 18th so I'll have my head in a book. Maybe another time? I would love to meet you too. x

    Hello Brit! Yeah, sometimes it would be nice if life went in a straight line instead of the big dipper - but then it probably wouldnt be as much fun x

    Amy - Good luck with the course - Sometimes its good to do something different. I would love to meet you too - but maybe on the next one? I really have to study - I owe it to my 17 year old self to just get this thing nailed once and for all! lots of love x

    MM - If stress isnt vented it comes out in other ways....boil on the bum - that sort of thing.

    Pig! Ha! Those beards look kind of creepy...and thought with food in it ....urgh!

    Hubby is in my bad books - 5 frigging days in Jo'burg....I know what they do there - they all get drunk & shag on pianos....so legend has it!!!

    Clarey - thank you sweetie x

    Eliza - a tantrum is like a good thunderstorm - clears the air afterwards!

    Oh, Marianna! - You have to have eyes in the back of your head! Mind you, having a stoned Hubby doesnt help! I look in the mirror everyday and think, I earned everyone of those grey hairs...I have names for my clumps of hair - Hubby, Liam, Olly, Amber, Mother, Father.....and the list goes on and on and on!

    Mary - It is flattering isnt it? Congrats to you too xx

    Thank you for all your comments - it so nice to hear from you.

    (singing)Just keep smiling dud-did-dud-did-dud!

  14. I'm starting a creative writing course in September, I don't know when I'll find the time to write though. I've just been looking at blog posts while the boys are asleep, my time in nearly up and I'm still not up to date!
    Congratulations on the authorblog mention, it's thoroughly deserved.xx

  15. Gosh sweetie, you have been through it lately. But as far as your studies go, your hard work has obviously paid off. Thats great Sit down tonight and watch the apprentice xxx



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