Sunday, 31 May 2009


Its the Oscar Ceremony's here in Blogland!

I have received THREE awards....I'm gobsmacked!

Honest Scrap Award and Lemonade Award from Amy at And1moremeansfour and the Lovely Blog Award from Sandy at Baby Baby, Clareybabble at Clareybabbling and Zooarcheologist at Being A Mummy.

Thank you all so much.......

OK, I think this is how it works (if I'm not sure I'll make it up as I go along!).

Honest Scrap

Pass it on to 7 blogs and 10 facts about yourself (!)

I wont bore you to tears so we'll just get on with the 7 blogs....

Twelve Months of Mayhem

Beautiful Spectrum

Mum in Chaos

A Modern Mother


Maternal Tales

Kaleidoscope Eyes

Lovely Blog Award

Pass on to ten other blogs:

Alcoholic Daze

Are we nearly there yet mummy

Crystal Jigsaw

Fragrant Liar

Frog Blog

Pig in the Kitchen

Wife of Bold

Single Parent Dad

Not Supermum

Swearing Mother

Lemonade Award

Name 3 things to be grateful for and pass on to ten blogs.

1. Liam - Having Liam so young and on my own, opened my eyes to prejudices in the world and for that I am truly grateful. Liam is the air that I breathe and my life and I would do it all again in an instant for him. (However, his choice of present girlfriend remains questionable! lol!)

PS - Happy Birthday Sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Olly - I am grateful for Olly because he has also introduced me to another world - the world of Autism. It is fascinating how his brain works - its not easy by a long chalk, but every day we learn something new and I wouldn't change him or miss a second of it.

3. Amber - For not letting me be the only girl in my family. I love my Prima Donna Baby.

OK, ten blogs to pass on to:


New Mummy

Sane Without Drugs

Supply and Demands

Reasons to be cheerful

Millenium Housewife

Caution Woman At Work

Modern Mom


Baby Baby

Cigarette Diaries

Right, that's it. I'm completely knackered now......I hope you enjoy the awards - if I didn't pass one on, I've probably already given you one already - so I'm sending lots of love across the cyber space and thank you all for taking the time to read my waffle!


  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for the bloggy love!
    I truly appreciate it:)
    I'll also make sure to try and pop by all the other bloggers you recognized!

  2. Thank you!! Your a sweetheart. I can not believe that you linked us all!! WOW - this is a lot of work.

    I read your profile again. I correspond with another blog whose son has asbergers. (sorry if I spelled it wrong) I do not think that she is open about it on her blog. I have emailed her a few times about private questions. I will let her know about your blog. Asbergers is very rare. I have only had one student in my 19 years of teaching who had it.

    I plan to post your award on my side bar with a link back to your site. I will be stealing the honest scrap pic. I do not have this one yet. I like to collect different ones.

    I also plan to pass a lot of awards out when I am off for summer in 2 weeks. I have been hoarding all my awards for the past few months. It will be fun :-)

  3. Hi thanks for the award! I'm have no idea how to get it over to my blog though.

  4. Well done again, RM! You see, they're like magnets... once you start you can't stop. (Or is that maltesers?)

  5. Thanks hun! Well done for the 3 awards you deserve them 100%!! have a nice sunday! x x

  6. Many thanks for the award. I don't feel I deserve it. I shall do my best to pass it on, if I can find ten that haven't already had it!!

  7. Really kind of you to think of me in your award ceremony - thank you so much. I wouldn't be without autism either, it's amazing how it just becomes a part of ones life.

    CJ xx

  8. Hey, congrats on the awards, thers another one over at my blog!! enjoy :0)

  9. Congrats on your 3 awards!!

  10. Congrats on being recognized. And thanks for the Lovely Blog Award. I already have this one, but I do appreciate you thinking of me, and I'll be happy to acknowledge you for it. Look for it in a post coming soon. Thanks again!

  11. Congrats on your awards, definitely well deserved! Thanks for mine too, it's really appreciated xx

  12. Just passed on the love! Thx again:)

  13. Thanks so much for the lovely blog award i am very grateful! I think you swept the board - you totally dserve your awards, congratulations x x

  14. MM - thanks so

    Hit 40 - Oh thanks so much - and that is so kind about the blog - its always so nice to find other blogging people who have a form of autism in their lives - good to know you're not alone.
    Love your blog x

    widge - your welcome - I've left you a note on your blog how to put it on - hope it works ok.

    Dottie - you do make me laugh...xx

    Amy - you're very welcome xx

    Rosiero - You do deserve it, you have a great blog. I hope it continues...xx

    CJ - Your very welcome, I love your blog. To be honest I dont think I can remember life without autism - its certainly never boring or dull!! xx

    Tracy - thank you so much. I lost your blog! Did you move it? I'll try to find it again x

    Casdok - thank you very much x

    FL - That's what comes of having a good blog - you've already got one! Many thanks FL xx

    Clareybabble - your very welcome x

    MM - Ooh so much love - I'm so pleased I live in Blogland. Thanks so much - big kiss X

    WOB - thank you kindly ma'am! You deserve yours too x

    Thanks for all your comments - its lovely to hear from you.

    Have a bottle of cyber bubbly from me xxx

  15. Congratulations on all your awards, they're thoroughly deserved.
    Thank you for my award too, that's really sweet of you x

  16. Thank you so much and bless you for all your hard work! I'll post it very soon. x

  17. Bless you and thank you so much sweetie
    Deeply honoured xxx

  18. Ladies - you are very welcome

    Sending you love and peace across the cyber waves.....and a big kiss


  19. Bless you lovely lady - I truly appreciate it. It's bloody knackering that whole linking thing isn't it - think it took me all day when I did it!! Well done x

  20. MT - it was a bit knackering, but hopefully I mentioned almost everyone there...

    (singing) give a little love....Tra-la-la-la-la!!!

  21. You are fab RM, thankyou for my gorgeous award! Displayed with pride MH

  22. Thank you RM! Will post with links soon...going through a BIG tired spell at the moment; everything going by the wayside! I blame half term and work!

  23. Thanks again and sorry im not going to be able to post about the award yet x



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