Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Well Chuffed!

Just a quick up-date:

The lovely David Mcmahon from authorblog put me on his Post of the Day....I'm flabbergasted!

This is the second time! I didn't even think there would be a first! I'm 'well chuffed' as they say.

He is a bit of dish really - have you seen his photo?

Am I supposed to say that?

Neighbours party :

Nil had his party - started at 2 in the bloody afternoon! Drunken quaffs of laughter drifted over the fence, much to my annoyance. Then the BBQ got under way and unfortunately I had my washing out on the line....

I stomped outside, muttering rather loudly - something like 'sad bastards', and throwing all the party-goers filthy looks. I retrieved my stinky laundry and stomped back in again.

I then went into Amber's bedroom, which happens to overlook Nil's garden, opened all the windows and let the hoover run for about an hour......... Then, I turned my telly up full blast.

I dont even think he noticed!!! Arse!

At 10pm - it rained! I had been praying for rain all day! Oh Joy of joys! Party was finally over........Hurrah!

Saw them both today in the garden - they look very smug!


On Thursday. Very nervous and flipping exhausted. I've missed blogging and been bored shitless - Hurry up Thursday, lets get it over with!


Swiss is still with us until Saturday - however we have 3 more girls arriving tomorrow! My house will be over-run with teenagers......oh, I do like teenagers, so much fun, everything is new and exciting.......I hope they don't bring home the boys like the other lot did last year. I had to chase them off.....


Olly is now out of isolation and back with his class - he is very pleased and so am I. He has learnt a lesson from this - so that is very good on all counts.


She had trouble with a school bully and ended up pulling the girls hair and chucking her shoes at her. The bully now wants to be friends. Told Amber to tell the bully to get lost.



My eldest son is sweet-talking me 'round to letting Rhino come in for a cuppa...Pah! He also wants to move out of the house he is staying in with her and her family and get a place of his own, with her. (He also needs help with a deposit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

God, does it sound like I've got money coming out of my ears?

I take in students for Christ's sake! I'm hardly rolling in it!

Better go, I think my humour is disappearing and my kids are yelling at each other....

Hope to catch up on all your blogs soon - so sorry for not commenting lately.....

Christ! Now Tinky (my cat) and bloody Oscar (Nil's cat) are hissing at each other.....Where's my water squirter?




  1. God i don't know how you keep all those balls in the air...students as well, your mad!! Good luck with the exam, i had to laugh at the hoover and telly bit hehe x

  2. Good luck with the exam! Shame it hadn't of rained sooner would have chilled his chargrilled sausage! lol! I still do not know how you manage to do all the things you do! x x

  3. Your smiling cat photo is one of our favourites and we have a framed picture of it, given to us by my mother-in-law!! So sorry you did not get rain earlier to finish off the BBQ next door. I am probably one of the very rare few in this country who hates BBQs as they are so anti-social. I hate the smell of the kerosene or whatever it is they light it up with, then all that stink of burning fat/smoke that wafts through your open windows when it is so blimmin hot indoors. I have been to a few BBQs as a guest and I hate the half-cremated, half-samonella-ridden offerings on a plate. I know, I am probably a moaning old git, but I just hate them with a passion!

  4. So glad your neigbours party was rained out...I'm sure all your hovering drove them nuts too. LOL Well done.

    Three more students..that should be excellent blogging material:)

  5. Congrats on the Authorblog thing, well deserved, that post was so funny.
    So glad Olly is back with his classmates.
    Good luck with the exam xx

  6. Well done for catching David's eye again. Rebel, every time I read your blog I think that you are a woman after my own heart. We are kindred spirits, the bit about your washing and the neighbours BBQ really hit home.

  7. My heavens your busy!!! I got a little light headed just reading everything going on at your house. Crazy!!!

    My hubby likes to saw random pieces of wood early in the morning after the neighbors keep us up with a party. It worked!! They keep the noise down now. WE NEVER HAD TO SAY A WORD TO THEM!!!

  8. Congrats on post of the day - and yes he is a bit of a dish...and he takes great photos!! Hee hee... Good luck with your exams tomorrow - and your students arriving - busy day I think...We had students last year, but for some reason we made absolutely no money from it - despite renting out two bedrooms - we're on a water metre and after they left got a water bill for £500...Hmmm. Advice to you - don't get a water metre!!

    BTW - Have tagged you over at mine (Sorry - it's for a good cause)!!

  9. You soooo deserve POTD!! Love, love, love your blog, it's so funny, wish I was half as good! I've tagged you over at mine... x

  10. Hello peoples! Still bloody tired, but exam is now over - Yay!

    WOB - I wish they were Oscar's balls! I think the hoover may have irritated him, but I dont think he heard the telly his racket! xx

    Amy - Ha! Chilled his chargrilled sausage! That made me laugh. I do wonder if he actually has one - I suppose he must, since a baby is on it's way...xx

    Rosiero - yeah, cat is cute - I loved his little smiley face! My Dad used to cook on the BBQ when were kids, we always used to complain it was burnt black. Father used to say 'when its black, its done!' I dont think it was though, we all had icky tummys! xx

    MM - yeah, the students are here - this lot are lazy! Dont want to do anything, just want to 'hang out'. Roughly translated this means 'sit on arse & watch telly all day! Yeah, right - not in this house! xx

    Hey Sandy! Many thanks re POD and Exams. So pleased its over (it takes over your life!!!).
    Olly is happy so that makes 'mum' happy. xx

    Hello Mary! ah, a kindred spirit indeed. when I started this blog, I did think, will anyone be interested in my waffle?(!)

    It amazing how many friends you make in cyber space - its truely wonderful, and you get to peek into other peoples lives too - fascinating! Yeah, couldnt believe that smoke wafting over my washing - he's such a thoughtless git! xx

    Hit 40 - Fabulous - what a good idea! I should get Hubby out there with a saw, or maybe a slingshot..Mmm xx

    Hey MT! Thanks very much. ~We had some Italian girls last year - really lovely, but always washing hair - yards of it down the plug hole! Our water bill was quite high too - but not £500!

    Thanks for the tag - do we have to do it though? We live in Brighton - the home of recycling - and the only thing left to recycle is myself. Perhaps I could get some 25 year old's skin....xxx

    Clarey - Thanks so much and thanks for the tag. I'll get on to it asap - I've got some previous ones to do as well - must get act together! Love your blog too xx

    Thanks so much for all your comments - love to hear from you all. And sorry it took so long to reply, but I'm back now and have missed blogging and all my chums!

    Much Love RMx

  11. you've been tagged for a recycling challenge! enjoy! x x oh hope your exam went well!!

  12. Oops...looks like Amy tagged you too - no course you don't have to do the challenge - I know you've got tons on your plate - and yes, I recycle everything anyway, so what the hell...just carry on doing as you're doing. Just wanted to include you my darling x

  13. Good luck with the exams!

  14. You have to post a pic of your neighbors! Or were they the goats :-)
    LOVE your blog!!!

  15. Loved the hoover part!

    I've tagged you at mine, if you'd like to play along, but looks like you've lots on your plate!


  16. David knows what he's talking about! You deserve the POTD.

    Good on Amber - I loathe bullies.

    CJ xx

  17. Hello!

    Amy - Thanks sweetie, I'll get on to it when I get a mo! xx

    MT - Thanks for thinking of me xx

    Melrox - thank-you x

    JJ - Yup, they're the goats! I just heard Nil yelling at Oscar - its was quite funny. That cat is such a whatsit! So pleased you like the blog - feel like I've lost my mojo at the mo! xx

    EM - thanks for tag - I'll pop over and have a 'butchers'! x

    CJ - Ahh, thanks so much - you're such a love xx
    Bullies dont like their own mediciene. I was pleased she stuck up for herself. x

    Many thanks for your comments - its always nice to hear from you all.

    Lots of love xx



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