Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Munster Family

I was glancing in the mirror today, examining the appalling state of my roots when I noticed that on one side of my head (in the corner), the colour of my hair.

It was not my natural colour (mouse!), nor was it bleach. It was not grey, nor a sprinkling of grey nor a salt and pepper look - it was pure bloody white! White, I tell you, frigging WHITE!

My hair has decided to skip the stage of grey and go straight to 124 year old white!

I look like that frigging bird out of the Munsters - Lily Munster!

I can only put this down to recent stressful events:

a) Studying - I do a 3 hour paper a day - complete with Algebra, Time Series Analysis, machine and factory budgeting...........Hey! Stop yawning!

b) My eldest son Liam has declared his undying love for flipping 'Rhino' (his girlfriend) saying that he would contemplate marrying her. Stupid boy!

c) Some idiot who works at my Father's solicitors decided to send him a bank statement directly. My Father - not being the 'full ticket' has received this statement with glee and (being somewhat eccentric in his appearance and manner) has been 'acting inappropriately' at car showrooms, by waving the statement under the noses of the car sales people with the intent of buying a Porche!

Not only that, he has been badgering carpet shops as well, and by some fluke has managed to come out with THREE free carpet off-cuts! I think they only did it to get rid of him. He says he is going back there tomorrow to get some more!

I did remind him that I got him a new carpet for his room 4 months ago - and its still brand spanking new.

I may as well save my breath!

d) My Hubby is driving me mad! When he is not here I miss the extra pair of hands, when he is here is nothing but a pain in the arse! He has this habit of tapping - constantly strumming on tables, chairs anything. Its so off-putting when you have your head in a paper. I think he has a problem. When I hear it - I say:

Honey - those jungle drums are going again - it says.....West Ham Nil......Manchester City 2.

If I don't make a joke out of it, I'd throttle him!

e) Olly is in isolation at school. After the recent scissor incident he is still in his classroom but has to sit away from everyone and on his own. He can spend his break with the other kids, but lunch-time he has to eat his lunch then do library duties. He is painfully bored. But I think he does have to be punished for lobbing the scissors. This is to continue until next week I think.

I did consider taking him away from the school - but there is only a short time left now until he leaves and he would miss out on quite a lot - the school play, going to visit his new school with the SENCO, and all the other end of terms bits.

My Mother thinks he should stay, ride it out and deal with the punishment. Hubby thinks this way too, because if he had taken a kids eye out..................well, you cant even contemplate that.

I'm in two minds. He does have to be punished for what he has done - but does he understand it?

He is not sleeping at night and is now wetting the bed again (we had come so far with that), and he threw another tantrum this afternoon........

Oh, its exhausting!

Well, at least I have earned all of my white hair!

PS Have you noticed its all the men in my family????? Whats that about?

PPS - For once, Amber has been a god-send by singing her head off (Hello Dolly) and its really lovely to listen to..............xx



  1. Oh RM - I don't even know what to say!!! You poor poor love. Focus on the mundane...hair dye???

  2. Oh my I have a few tears for your son!!! Really I do. I so understand. I go through the same thing with my boy. He has horrible nightmares after he makes a mistake. It's just very tough on us all!!

    He usually feels better after I spend some time with him doing his favorite things - going to a movie, playing board games, taking a walk together... spending time together helps him feel better. One to one time alone together.

  3. As if you didn't already have enough on your plate your hair goes white. As MT says, at least you can dye your hair! The rest of it, well you just have to keep going. Hoping a few (((HUGS))) will help xx

  4. Sorry about the white hair but after reading that list it's a wonder your not white all over - maybe you'll start a trend hehe. I'd feel the same if it were my son, on the one hand yes he does have to understand it's wrong, but thinking of him all on his own and at lunch too ohh my hearts breaking for him. Love the tale of your dad with the porche - i was laughing out loud to myself xx

  5. Home education does not get rid of all the problems with children but it gets rid of the unecessary ones like trying to control yourself in innapropriate environments and having to take consequences that just further enrage/confuse. It took me till my fourth child to realise that and my hair started turning at 28!

  6. I'm sorry Olly is having such a hard time. Schools always opt for "isolation" but I'm not sure what that teaches him or how that helps his anxiety levels-- which contributed to the problem in the beginning. Is the teacher or the aid in isolation too? I wonder what they learned from al of this.

    White hair, no wonder! At least it's just a box of color away to fix.

    Hang in there.

  7. Ahh You have earned every single white hair...and from the sounds of things a lovely trip to the spa!

  8. You need a trip to the hairdressers as a treat :) Hope things get better for Olly soon xx

  9. sorry about the white hair! My hubby gets a small enjoyment from finding bits of grey in my hair (sicko!) i'm only 23! if i'm going grey now there's no chance for me!

    You are amazing coping with everything thats going on in your life you are a saint! x x

  10. Hello!

    MT - I knew I called this blog 'Another Day in the Madhouse' for a reason...I shall ring hairdresser for emergency appointment...! Lovely to have you back MT xxx

    Hit 40 - Aah, we are kindred spirits. Olly was v upset- but 2day we have mood shift & he seems happier. He also wants to go to the movies, so I've arranged just me and him to go - I think that was a good idea of yours. Thanks so much. xxx

    Sandy - My hair looks ghastly! Hugs received and much appreciated and returned. Many thanks xxx

    WOB - So true - I guess I could have a full head of white hair....my dad makes me laugh too. After 15 years of eccentricity you get used to his little ways. The home ring me and say he's been naughty, and its all I can do to stop myself from laughing! He's 63! What can you do? My dad is never boring, I'll give him that! xxx

    Marie - Very true! I'm not sure I could do home education personally, (but I have considered it). I think you have to be a very special person to do that...I guess without kids we'd all look like Jennifer Aniston (and have pot loads of cash!). Many thanks for your comment xx

    JJ - Olly wasnt happy at all. But they've started working on their end of year play yesterday,(which he loves), and because of this there is now more interaction with others, but he is still exluded in lessons. I think it is very hard for him because he is a sociable lad...

    PS love the bit...just a box of colour away - fabulous! xxx

    MM - OMG! Hubby suggested a day trip to spa! I'm going on one after my exam - I have been scouring the internet and found one. OOh, cant wait xxx

    Clarey - thanks sweetie - I'm sure they will get better...must be a lunar thing at the mo! xxx

    Amy - Your comment did make me laugh with your Hubby! Aah, you are so sweet...a saint. I think its more like...Karma coming to get me! xxx

    Many thanks for all your comments - love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Great entertaining post. Can definitely understand the white hair, could probably understand some grey too. Amy is similar in that she will dwell on something she did wrong. We're still hearing about stuff from last year! A punishment does have to be in place of course but followed by lots of encouragement and changing of subject too.

    CJ xx

  12. You need a holiday, perferably without any men!

  13. White hair is the new rave. Over here in the U.S. atleast. Not over there? My boss just went completely silver (with some weird fuchsia stripes), and it looks great. Maybe yours is a mark of survival, accomplishment, and wisdom. After the last couple weeks, you've earned it!

  14. You sound so awesome, Id love to meet you in real life, we'd have some amazing therapeutic laughter over coffee. Visiting NZ anytime soon ??? :)

  15. Hello CJ! So true. Olly does rattle on about stuff. Thanks so much for stopping by xx

    Rosie - Abso - flipping - lutely!!! Nothing I'd like better than a good hol away from my men. I just worry what I would come back to! Cant be any worse than what I'm leaving surely? xx

    FL - You are such a sweetheart - thanks so much for saying that....I think I should move to the US. Always love it there...My Grandfather was from Chicago!

    Hello Widge! Aah, laughter - the best antidote for most things known to man or woman! Unfortunately I have no plans (nor money) to visit NZ at present. Wld love to go though - my friend is from NZ - married an English bloke - lives here now, but how she misses NZ. xxx

    Thanks so much for your comments - Wink and a Kiss coming your way x



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