Thursday, 4 June 2009

Trouble Ahead

Olly has been riding a bit of a smooth wave at school over the last month; I have received no phone calls, no meetings, no complaints, no nothing from the school - which is........unusual!

Having a child with Asperger's is not easy, so when things are 'plain sailing' in a particular area, you wonder when the calm waters will give way to stormy weather. (If its one thing I have learned through all this, it is that unpredictability is actually, predictable).

Having said that, home life hasn't exactly been easy lately;

The odd destruction of a mobile phone, innocently washed under a running tap,

The shattered garage window, (still not fixed!),

Getting his foot stuck in an empty box at the supermarket and trying to kick it off and knocking stuff off shelves in the process!

Ripping a pair of his school trousers to shreds because he was too hot in them....

All these things are really relatively normal in this house.

However, today was very strange.

I received a phone call from his teacher today saying that Olly had got into an altercation with another child at school and the end result was that Olly had lobbed a pair of scissors at this particular kid. However, this kid had ducked and the scissors hit another kid in the head! Fortunately it was the plastic handle side.

For frig's sake!!!!!!!!!!!

I apologised profusely - informing the teacher to please pass on my sincere apologies to the parents and the kid.

I was utterly mortified. I sometimes wonder, if Olly carries on like this, he might end up in prison!

(OMG! I'll be Mimi McGuire from Shameless, visiting her son in prison, then I'll put a contract out on my husband because the drug money has run out! Oh Lordy!!!!)

I raced down to the school and picked him up immediately - he was looking very forlorn. Then I noticed his hair. What was up with the hair???????

It looked like someone has taken a pair of barber clippers and shaved the sides of his head (you know, where the side burns are, but it went up almost an inch higher!).

After much cajoling this is Olly's side of what happened:

Olly had not had his regular teacher, Miss Pringle, for the last few days and so a supply teacher had come in. Olly didn't like the supply teacher one bit and said the lessons were really boring. So during the class he had somehow got hold of a pair of scissors and decided to cut the sides of his hair!

The class then moved to another room where they were supposed to have a singing lesson and whilst they were queuing up outside, some of the kids noticed his hair and started to laugh at him.

What with the queuing, going to another classroom, having a crappy teacher he didn't like and being thoroughly bored, (all pressure points for a child on the autistic spectrum), he lost his temper and lashed out....unfortunately he still had the scissors in his hands.

(What was he doing with scissors in his hand? Where was that bloody supply teacher? Why had she not seen him with the scissors? - Probably some 23 year old puff-head who was too stoned to notice!)

I tried to explain to him, (apart from the fact that he could have seriously injured someone and he was lucky the police were not called), that laughter is a very powerful thing. The kids were laughing at him because he had done a silly thing and the best way to overcome this was to laugh at himself, saying 'yes, wasn't I silly, look what I did'. Laugh with them.

I think I will write a letter to the school asking why my son had a pair of scissors in his hand when he should have had a pencil....however they are off tomorrow due to 'polling day'!

It might give me time to sort out his looks terrible.

Maybe he should go into school saying this is the new fashion...I'm sure we've had a hair fashion like that before - no sideburns.

Olly is due to go to senior school this September, and he doesn't like change. So this year is going to be difficult for him. I have a feeling this is just the beginning...................

(me singing) There maybe trouble ahead......lets face the music and laugh!



  1. Heaps of thoughts and encouragement to you!! Well done for looking on the funny side of what so many others out there in the world could never cope with.

    When my kids are being crap (one in particular who I dread the "teacher telephone call" from) I can get really upset and depressed over it, but it helps to remember that God picked out each individual kid especially for us and did it on purpose and that we will never be given more than we can handle, although sometimes it certainly feels like it.

    you are doing an awesome job! keep are a true inspiration! xo

  2. OMGosh, you're right. Where was the teacher when he got those scissors? Hopefully at least your message about laughing at yourself got through, as that will help him so much throughout his life -- it's helped me!

  3. What was the teacher doing? How was a child able to cut their own hair in class?
    Glad you can see the funny side. If it's any consolation I shaved my hair up at the sides when I was 14. I thought I looked good :-) xx

  4. poor olly that stupid teacher! Was she not informed of his condition before she just ploughed forward pretending to teach? I would complain too, if he hadn't been put in that situation he wouldn't have thrown the scissors. A great message you gave him i will have to remember that one for my girls when i hit primary school.

    Your doing a wonderful job!!! keep smiling x x

  5. Oh Hugs to you. Where or where was the supervision? Sigh. Good luck. :)

  6. Poor you i think you should definately write them a stern letter - i'd be staright down there if i was you, don't know how you do it i'd have had a nervous breakdown by now :) I had to laugh at the ripping the pants thing; my eledest did just that with her dress last week because it had fluffy bits on it she did not like?? x

  7. I agree with you! How come the teacher didn'r notice the pair of scissors?! About the hair no sideburn is good as well and if he stays like that, it can give him a versatile look, always good :)

  8. Widge - you are such a sweetie - thank you for your kind words....I cant help thinking that whatever Gods are up there, they have it in for me!!!! I must keep smiling....xxxx

    FL Smile and world smiles with you.....sometimes its just so darn difficult! xx

    Ah Sandy - I did the same!....thought I looked so cool....really cringe at the photos now. EEK!

    Hi Amy - I dont know if she was informed or not. I think to get through teasing is just to laugh - especially be able to laugh at oneself is good gift. xx

    ModernMom - OOh hugs received with joy! Many thanks xx

    WOB - Kids and their clothes - nightmare! I think a nervous breakdown is just around the corner....I earned it and I shall enjoy it!xxx

    PHM - He's stuck a load of gel on this morning, but it's not good. Never mind, its either that or a syrup (wig). xx

    Thank you so much for your comments - love to hear from you. Love RMxxxx

  9. I can't believe he had scissors long enough to cut his hair without anyone noticing! My son is at playgroup and they have proper scissors out with the rest of the art stuff. It is a worry! xxx

  10. I love that photo.
    Where did you find it?



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