Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Losing My Mojo

I lost my blogging Mojo for a week and I think I lost a lot more Mojo's besides.

That flipping exam knocked it out of me! Mind you, studying for six weeks was far too long...

It took me half an hour to start writing my answers as the paper really confused me - it was all topsy-turvy! Bastard thing!
Then I ran out of time and had to waffle the last question. There was some 'bint' sitting diagonally to me, who caused a commotion in the last 15 mins and the adjudicators told her to shut up or they would throw her out. I could have slapped her.

Still, I completed every question and that was what was required.

I just wanted to say a big thank-you to everyone who commented on previous posts and wishing me luck - you are all so kind in blogland - it really is a lovely place to live!

After the exam was over I then had to rush over to Olly's new school and have a meeting there. The meeting was for children on the spectrum, with their parents, to show them around the school and where the 'safe zones' are if anyone freaks out and also so they get to know the layout.
At the end, we all had to sit in a very warm room and I actually nodded off, I was so tired. Hubby kept elbowing me. I snapped, 'They're lucky I'm here!'

We also had a house full of teenagers, which, because it was there first day, had to be driven everywhere because they didn't know where they were going. I was in and out the house like a flipping yo-yo!

It was like a never ending day. By 11 O' clock I was absolutely shagged and really grumpy. I threw a complete strop and went to bed.

Swiss has gone back home and we now have 3 teenage dirtbags.

They are sweet enough, they just live like pigs and believe me, I'm not exactly a cleaning freak. The room was humming after one day!

On a different note, I seriously felt that I had lost my memory/couldn't be bothered/too knackered to care as on Sunday it was Father's Day, and our 12th Wedding Anniversary and here are the things I did not do.

a) I did not get my Father a card or present

b) I did not get my Hubby a card or present

c) I did not get my Hubby an Anniversary card or present

I hang my head in shame.

I rang Father and thought, I will ask him if he got my card and when he says no, I will blame it on the post being late. In the meantime I'll put one in the post and he'll just get it a bit late..... Sorted!

Me: Happy Father's Day Dad! Did you get my card?

Father: Yes, I got it.
Me: What?

Father: Yes, I got it and I put your names on it.


Me (playing along with it): What do you mean you put our names on it? Are they not already on it?

Father (getting confused): No, I got your card and Jaye's too and it had your names in there.

Well, he didn't get one from me because I didn't send one. That will teach me to play mind games with someone who is not the 'full ticket'.

I was wracked with guilt so I got on the Internet and ordered him a load of books on Egypt, gift-wrapped them and send them via Express delivery. He should receive them today.

I placated Hubby with Tiffin - so he was happy!

Mother had come down to stay Saturday night in order to babysit, whilst Hubby and I went out for a meal. We waited an hour for our starters.

I was furious. The last time we went out was SIX months ago. You would think that if you go out twice a year, odds on you would get served. No. Not in this life!

Mum slept in Swiss' old room, Amber was in with us, the teenagers had Amber's room and Olly had his.

On Sunday morning I was trying to get a lie in, but Amber was fiddling about in my bedroom doing something noisy so I told her to get out.
Hubby was all dressed up in his leathers, ready to go out on his bike, and kept tip-toeing in and out the bedroom. However, every time he took a step, his leathers squeaked.
Squeak.... squeak..... squeak......

I told him to bugger off out.

Whilst I was still lying there I had an overwhelming feeling that someone was staring at me. I flicked open my eyes to find my Mother staring at me while I slept!

Me (barking at her): 'What are you doing?'

Mother (sheepishly): I was wondering where you were.

Me: Well, If I'm not slaving away in the kitchen, I'm in bed aren't I? It's like Piccadilly Circus in here this morning.

Mother giggled.


Me (a bit disturbed): You shouldn't watch people when they sleep, its very creepy.

Why does she do that? It's just not right.

No wonder I've lost my Mojo on all counts; I blame my very strange parents.



  1. You have a full house!! I have only been following you a month? Your mom lives with you??? I couldn't handle my mum in my house. I'd be shagged :-)

    I liked how you kept falling asleep at the school conference. (reminder I am a teacher) I also do not enjoy these meetings with the school asshole (principal). The ass never has anything helpful to add to a situation/problem. They think if they give you face time then everything is better!!!

    No - I think it is now worse!! You had these poor people come in her wasting their time talking about the weather and latest news without giving them any real legit help with their child.


  2. I don't know how you do it, but I'm glad you do!

    Loving the use of 'Tiffin', reminds of of Carry on up the Khyber :-)


  3. Hit 40 - No my Mum doesnt live with me, thank god! Couldnt stand that peeping all the time!

    I've just re-typed the post as I dont think I explained it clearly enough. My Mojo is missing!!! So sorry.

    I was just so tired and a bit 'ratty' and then going to a school meeting which should have been scheduled for a different day - but as usual the universe conspires against us and everything comes at once!

    Its lovely to hear from you, RMxx

    Sandy - I like the word 'Tiffin' - everyone gets it and I dont think its offensive.

    PS I love the Carry-on films - watched them all the time as a kid. XX

  4. I'd say your MoJo is back! I giggled at this post at least twice! Ha..People should definitely not watch you when you are sleeping. I agree. That is a tad creepy!

  5. Helllo darling - welcome back to blogland. I've been wondering how you were. I think the fact that you've even managed to write a post amidst all this chaos means you're hanging on in there...just about! Father's Day just about passed us by here too - and Happy Anniversary!! Hey at least the sun is shining?! x

  6. Blimey no wonder you're feeling mojo-less. Who wouldn't be? Well done on the exam and I suggest wine and chocolate for your recovery. Lock yourself in the bathroom and relax.

  7. Poor sweetie, you really have been through it. But Father's Day is really only a gesture. I remembered it for Husband but the truth was it was pretty grim. You didn't miss anything. And it makes me think of my late Dad.

    Haven't heard that word Bint since i used to read Andy Capp cartoons! xxx

  8. Fingers crossed for your exam results, and fingers crossed you find your Mojo!!

  9. "Father: Yes, I got it and I put your names on it." That's priceless!

    I stay at my Mom's house when I visit. She always "watches me sleep" because she says that the only time she "gets to see me"..... A not so subtle way of saying I don't spend enough time with her. Ha!

    Congrats on your exam. I'm glad it's behind you.

    Hang in there with the gang at your house. That's why I have a lock on my bathroom door :-)

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend......i wouldn't feel to guilty on the fathers day thing, he got tiffin so he's sorted! Like i say you have to put out to get out(of all kinds of situations) :) x

  11. You make me laugh so much! i think you can be forgiven for forgetting a few things as you have so much going on!

    Hope you get the results in your exam that you need!

    Take care of yourself xxx

  12. I would find it very disturbing to be watched whilst sleeping too :( my mum can't climb the stairs tho so I'd be safe lol. Thanks for the well wishes, I am much better but smallest boy is a little off colour still...I may try again tomorrow luv Karen x

  13. Hello!

    MM - I can understand why mums watch their babies/toddlers...but watching a 40 year old is just odd!!! xx

    MT - Hello sweetie. Many thanks - cant believe I've been married so long! At least we're getting the sun unlike poor Glastonbury. Another mud-fuelled festival! xx

    Jo B - Many thanks, unfortunately I dont hear until mid-August if I've passed or not...just to prolong the agony! The bathroom is about the only place left for peace and quiet - that and the shed! xx

    Jenny - guilt surrounds me - but heyho, Father probably wont even remember! Sorry about your Dad.

    'Bint' is such a fab word isnt it? xx

    Casdok - you do make me laugh - I'm still searching for my Mojo...XX

    JJ - yeah, Father gets very confused most of the time - its his dementia - but you have to laugh otherwise you would spend the whole time in tears!!!

    I laughed at your mum saying that.

    Thanks - re exam xx

    WOB - Yup - may as well use the feminine ways while i've still got 'em! They come in useful sometimes - especially with a Hubby with a one-track mind! xx

    Amy - Many thanks sweetheart. Received results August, I've just had enough of studying now...fed up with it...too bloody old. I should be getting drunk and smoking spliffs like other students! xx

    MGM - Unfortunately my bedroom is downstairs.. I was a bit concerned with all the illness and stuff - hope little man is getting better now - poor little love. Pleased your feeling better now. Take care XX

    Many thanks for all your comments.

    Sending lots of love and cyber kisses your way


  14. RM, please forgive me for being so behind in reading your blog! I admire you having so many people in the house, mind you, one more person in ours and they'd be in the shed, our house is so small!
    I bet you did really well in your exam, when are the results posted? xx



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