Saturday, 1 August 2009

Tag of 8's

A million years have passed since the lovely Wife of Bold tagged me and I have finally got round to the Tag of 8's!

The Rules are:

1) Mention the person who tagged you
2) Complete the list of 8's
3) Tag 8 others and let them know.

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1) Kids back at school - yeah, I'm shagged already!

2) When they all finally grow up, bugger off and not keep coming back like boomerangs. (It has been a very hard and long, long day!)

3) Getting the results of my exam (mid-August).

4) Travelling to Singapore in mid-August and maybe Oz. Not sure whether to do both - if I do, I have to travel to both places within 8 days!

5) Getting stuck in Singapore because there are not enough seats to come home. (This I really dont mind one bit, because I will be on my own. At last!)

6) Stuffing a pizza tonight. It's on its way!

7) Stuffing chocolate straight after the pizza.

8) Waiting until everyone has gone to bed so I can stuff more chocolate!

8 Things I did yesterday

I really cant remember - will today do instead?

1) Made lunch for kids

2) Went to Gay Pride Parade

3) Missed Gay Pride Parade - we got there too late!

4) Shopped with kids for clothes as they look like ragga-muffins.

5) Bought kids hot dogs to stuff in their mouths to stop them moaning and arguing.

6) Bus packed on the way home and kids still arguing - told bus driver to stop bus and throw them off. He reprimanded me for being a bad mother.

7) Treated all 3 kids to pizza, (guilt) but everybody wanted something different. More arguments ensued.

8) Have jammed earplugs into ears in attempt to block out the noise.

8 Things I wish I could do

1) Fly

2) Fly away

3) Run away

4) Been born a man

5) Been born a rich man

6) Have more freedom

7) Have any kind of freedom

8) Be someone else

8 Places I would like to Travel to

1) Timbuktu

2) Peru

3) Machu Pichu

4) Shanghi

5) Bejing

6) Fiji

7) Malaysia

8) Las Vegas

8 Places I've travelled to

1) London

2) New York

3) Paris

4) Singapore

5) Sydney

6) Maldives

7) Mauritus

8) Los Angeles

and many, many more! I looooove to travel!

8 People to tag

Zooarcheologist at Being a Mummy

Grit over at Grit's Day - she really makes me laugh!

Muddynosugar at How I like my coffee

Jenny over at The cigarette Diaries

Joanna at The Fifty Factor

Chic Mum over at 4sprogs

Laura at Arewenearlythereyetmummy

and Sandy over at Baby Baby

I have some more tags to do so I'll be getting on with that until my pizzas get here. They are is still not here!!! Where are they???? This wouldnt happen in the states you know!


  1. Wow, you have an impressive list of places you've traveled to!

    Thanks for the shout out. I will work on the tags and let you know when I post... I'll do that right after I order a pizza and chocolate. YOu made me hungry :-)


  2. Great lists! Fingers crossed for your exam result. Hope the pizza was good :)

  3. What about the comment from the bus driver? Cheeky so & so!
    I'm going to invent a meme just for you. I'm intrigued by your colourful past ;-)
    Thanks for the tag, I have already done this one, nothing's changed!! x

  4. Hello Ladies!

    JJ - I do love to travel! Pizza and choccy - great match!

    RR - Pizza was ok, took and hour and a half to come!!! Thanks re results - 2 weeks to go! Eeeek!

    Sandy! Aah, your such a darling. Shame my past is my past - I wish it was my present!

    Thanks for you comments - love you all RMxx

  5. Ahh have missed you, glad your back and i'm with you on the freedom x

  6. I loved your things you wished you could do!!



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