Friday, 7 August 2009

Clinks, Pinks and Monet

Claude Monet. Waterlilies after 1916 Nympheas.

On our day trip to London, we were supposed to be going to the London Dungeons on that 2 for 1 offer via National Rail......bloody rip-off that was! Couldn't even get anywhere near the entrance, the queues trailed all down Tooley Street and around the corner by the traffic lights. Ridiculous!

However, all was not lost. We traipsed along the South Bank and ended up in 'The Clink' prison. When I was little my Nan always used to say to say to me, when I was naughty, - 'you do stuff like that and you'll end up in the Clink!'.

Now I know there was an actual prison called The Clink, I thought it was just east-end slang!

Not much to see just a few chastity belts, thumb screws and a scolds bridle that stops a woman from gossiping! Its all about the girls innit?

We set off again and I took the kids to into Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, mainly to use the loo, but it was lovely in there. We peeped through the doors and across the court yard so we could see into the Globe. (They wouldn't let us in because we didn't have tickets). But the kids got a glimpse of the Globe's round stage, which they found interesting because of all the stage work they do.

Then we descended upon the Tate Modern.

Past experience has taught me to be a little wary of the Tate, especially with kids in tow, because some exhibits seem to have an unhealthy obsession with sex for some reason!

However, on the second floor they had an abundance of Pablo Picasso. Amber is very interested in art and she loved Picasso's Three Dancers.

Then, oh, joy of joys I found a Claude Monet!

One of my favourite painters.

When I was twenty-something I nipped over to Paris with my sister to go to the Louvre Museum, they had a Monet exhibition there, however the day we attended there was some bomb threat, so we never got to see the exhibition, and it has always bugged me. We ended up going to the Moulin Rouge instead!

Seeing Claude Monet's work really made me think.

Had it really taken that long, a zillion years, to finally see something I was interested in? And then to only see it by sheer accident?

Had the arrival of a Hubby, marriage and kids distracted me so much that I forgot my hobbies?

Apparently so.
I am in a 'Clink' of my own!

Anyway, I thought I would share with you his beautiful work, and I hastily add that that picture, although the painting is not one of his best, does not do it any justice whatsoever!

It was full of pinks and blues and greens and yellows.....truly lovely.



  1. Dungeons, chastity belts and sexy exhibitions, sounds like the perfect family day out. I know nothing about art but I have been enjoying 'Desperate Romantics'on BBC2. Sounds like you had a good time.

  2. My Mum used to use that expression all the time, you're not alone in thinking it was a slang phrase!She used to say I'd end up like the Krays, slung in the clink til the ends of time. I'm happy, but frightened to learn it exists, as it doesn't bode well for what she thought the future had in store for me.

  3. You impress me more and more.

    I used to go up Tooley Street, take photos round there and that.

    I hate that Tate Modern, its so ugly but Tate Britain is lovely. Not that I actually go there much - you put me to shame!

    didn't know about that Clink place, you've inspired me now xxx

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day out - i hope my kids are into art too. The pic is lovely, i'm so glad you finally fulfilled one of your forgotton dreams - don't worry your not alone i have many,as i bet most parents do!

  5. I saw the Monets at the Louvre...Wow! Huge, pastel shades, water and Lillies all around us. Fabulous.

  6. Not a monet fan but totally understand what you are saying. Don't accidentally do things you like, try to plan to do as much as you like doing as you can - it's not spur of the moment anymore, but it is for you...don't let the mummy guilt stop you, they will respect you for being you, as well as mummy..

  7. HA! My mom and dad always threatened me with ending up in the clink too. Who knew there was such a place?

  8. I studied art at university and french impressionism is one of my favourite movements :). My favourite artist is Degas.

    I've been thinking about planning a trip to London for next year so we can visit galleries and the natural history museum/science museum. Not sure how practical that would be though.

    I think I've forgotten my hobbies too. Not finished a painting in years :(. Need to look after me a bit more I think!

  9. What a lovely day, and I just love that Monet... such fab colours. Would LOVE to have one in my sitting room. Shame i haven't got a spare million or so...

  10. Yes the arrival of hubby and kids does make you forget about your hobbies, your life, your interests, yourself...but eventually you find time for them again...and then by that time your kids are your life so they become your hobbies's all a wonderful circle of life. But hey, am glad you saw the Monet - seems like zillions of years ago that I went to an art gallery (and I studied Art History) so I really should make more of an effort. Shame you missed the London Dungeons - was always my fave...and thanks for the info of the Clink - I never knew it exsisted either. And last but not least, I'm so sorry for neglecting you...have been snowed under with real life. Am off to Butlins tomorrow so should have plenty to blog about. Big kiss x

  11. You are making me feel homesick and a bit reminicent of when I had a career and used to go running at lunch time all along that stretch between Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge. I know exactly where the Clink is. Always wanted to go in it.

    Glad you got a chance to appreciate a painting that you like. No idea where hobbies go. Presumably we'll get back into them when the kids leave us with empty nest syndrome.

  12. Sorry bit late in replying - my idiot eldest son downloaded a virus. Have spent last 3 hours getting shot of it!

    WAW - Ha! I didnt think of it like that! I'll have to try that Desperate Romantics. It was good and didnt cost a penny! xx

    Claire - Well, apparently you weren't the only child whose parents/grandparents had high expectations of! Dont worry - I'll be in there too, we can use sign language whilst we try to break out of our Scold's Bridle!

    Jenny! I didnt think I impressed anyone - ah! you are an angel. Havent visited the Tate Britain, I shall try that one next. The escalators are b'stards in the Tate Modern! xx

    WOB - It was only then I realised it! I've got a brain like a sieve. Pleased I'm not alone in this cruel mind-numbing world xx

    Moannie - Ah! you make me jealous....I have still only seen the one painting by Monet - still, I shall get there hopes! x

    Hey Muddy! I am awash with guilt - always. Its like carrying a great suitcase around with you. Everything has to be planned, but Olly handled the change very well that day - so dont feel so guilty today. xx

    FL - I couldnt believe it when I saw it. Tiny place it was, and it had a funny smell. Still, better than Tyburn (Marble Arch - everyone hanged there!).

    IM - ooh, how lovely to study art. You must visit London - its fabulous. Find out where you want to go and plan it, but most of the museums and galleries are free. You need a visit london website or something like that. Good luck!

    LWM - Yeah, my place could do with brightening up, however the only painting that will adorn its sad walls will be out of tin of dulux, if its lucky.... Still, it is so lovely to see it all. Picasso - who I was never particularly fond of, was actually really interesting. So many different shapes with shapes. I found a new appreciation for Picasso xx

  13. Sorry again - trying to cook dinner and boys are buggering about with the sausages!

    Hello MT! Yeah, it feels like a zillion years in this life! Still I dare say my time will come. (One has to keep ones pecker up!). I hope to see L Dungeons sometime, but maybe when the crowds have gone. Hope you have fab time xx

    Hiya Brit. I'm pleased you have never been in the clink - I'd be coming in with a file in a cake for you. Tiny isnt it? Yup - I hope hobbies come back, it all work and no bloody play at mo. However the day was lovely xx

    Thank-you all so much for all your comments. You always put a smile on my face.

    Much love RMxx

  14. Every museum seems to have at least one Claude Monet. It makes me wonder if they are all legit?? Or.. did he do cocaine? A stimulate would be the only way some one could paint so many freaking flowers.

  15. There really is a 'clink'? Well as I live and breath.



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