Monday, 17 August 2009


Today I feel like this.

A big, in your face, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Oh rapturous joy!

The kids were whisked off to my mother-in-laws by Hubby on Friday night, for TWO whole weeks.

The woman is a god-send.

Once a year she usually has one or other of them for a couple of weeks. Last year she didn't have either of them because we had a bit of a row. (It was over Hubby's deranged brother. The bloke has a few screws loose and would definitely benefit from a good long stretch at Her Majesty's Pleasure, but that's another story). Anyway, this year she has decided to take BOTH of them.

I feel overwhelmed with the sense of freedom. It is so liberating - like a breath of fresh air.

For the past two days I have been partying with Liam and his new girlfriend, Abbi, who I might add, is a little gem! She hasn't got that 'mad cow' look, like the previous one (Rhino) had.

I have been going to bed at 6.30am and 4.30am and sleeping until 2.00pm. I feel like a 'Singleton' again.

Everything is where I left I it. There are no rows, I do not have to think about how to entertain the kids, bribe them to shower, plan meals, constantly clean up, chauffeur around, skivvy, referee, in fact I don't have to think at all!

Oh, how I have missed this! I had forgotten just how pleasant life can be.

However, this new found freedom has gone to my head a bit.

I went shoe-shopping for TWO hours! (This is unheard of, especially when Olly is with me. 30 mins at the most - he cant take much more than that, especially if we're not shopping for him).

These are my normal day to day shoes, when its not pissing it down:

A functional, yet practical pair of flip-flops. Slip them on, kick them off. Easy.

This is what I bought:

Look at the frigging heel on that!!! I have gone totally nuts???

I cant even walk three feet in them, let alone walk down the street.

Do they look like 'Slapper' shoes?

Apparently, this is what I waste my money on when I am giddy with 'freedom'. Eight inch heeled, platformed hooker shoes!

And talking of freedom, I'm not wasting a second of it. I've decided to go with Hubby to Singapore, then on to Sydney and then back to Singapore - all in a week. Only trouble is, I'm not sure I can get back to London, its jammed coming home, so I maybe stuck out there for a bit.

I'm not sure if I'll have access to a computer, so if I don't post or comment on your blogs - its not because I don't love you, its because I'm temporarily incapacitated or possibly intoxicated with Singapore Slings!

Still, I'm sure my new 'Slapper' shoes will keep me company. Hopefully they will be on their best behaviour and not show me up by pulling someone for a handful of dollars!

Venetian Blind Update

The bloody blinds finally reached The Netherlands. My mother is staying with my sister for a few days so they flew out with her as well as two large tins of water-based paint! I'm surprised they let her on with that lot. Apparently it was all considered as her 'Hold' luggage, so the poor woman had to stuff a week's worth of clothes in a bag considered 'Hand' luggage.

Exam Update

I get my results via email between the hours of Monday 6.30pm and Tuesday 1.00am. I will either be a student again on Tuesday, or I will be qualified.

Life is weird isn't it?

In one little day your working life can change.................'Student' equals conformity and 'Qualified' equals freedom.


Exam update: I passed.



  1. phhwwwt phhheewww (trying to type a wolf whistle here!)

    those shoes are wicked!

    have an amazing two weeks!!!wow you deserve it!


  2. You sound totally giddy with the freedom of it all! Have a wonderful time, enjoy yourself with your (very nice) new shoes and don't even think about turning on a computer. xx

  3. Oh wow! How lovely and fantastic for you....
    Ooooh-Singapore & Sydney, lucky you. Make the most of it, have a wonderful time.
    Must say, what a mother in law- eh!

  4. I used to feel the same way when my three kids would spend a couple weeks with their dad each summer. I started out missing them then had fun and then had to readjust when they came home. I am soooooo looking forward to hearing all about your trip. You have such a way with words so I know your descriptions of your adventures are going to be hilarious.

  5. I love your posts, they are so entertaining, and remind me of 'times like those' that | have had.

    Screw comfort, I love the 'slapper shoes' you go girl.

    Debbie xx

  6. I'm so glad all is well with Rebel Mother and thanks for the venetian blind update, I was wondering what had happened with them.

    Lovin' the shoes also, will you be taking them on your trip?

    Enjoy x

  7. OMG those shoes are so sexy! i love them! I hope you have a fab time you deserve it so much and make sure you get some walking done in those shoes, or maybe keep them for the bedroom ahem! xxx

  8. Those are some HOT shoes!!

  9. In America, we hit Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas. Is SIngapore like Mexico to the British?? How awesome to just take off to Singapore and Sydney. And...

    with those great shoes!!!

  10. Awesome shoes!
    Have the best time!!

  11. Congrats on passing that exam. You must feel really chuffed. Those heels on the new shoes look awesome. I think I would only be able to stand about 2 seconds in them before I toppled over!

  12. Woo hoo! Freedom!
    I love those shoes, I wouldn't be able to walk in them - well, only around the bedroom *coughs*
    Have a super time in super Singapore and even superer Sydney.
    Congratulations on the exam too xx

  13. Yay to the exam. Yay to so many things in this post in fact. I can feel a new you... and I love it. Loved th eold one too of course, but I'm so pleased you've got a tiny bit of freedom. You deserve it more than anyone. BTW - did I miss a post about Liam and Rhino breaking up? I must have done. Thought they were still together. Too many things to celebrate it seems. Enjoy darling. And DO NOT fall over in your new shoes and break your neck...!

  14. Hope you have a super time and how wonderful MIL took the kids off your hands. Loving the shoes by the way!

  15. Congratulations!!!!! On passing the exams of course...not offloading the kids(now that is genius!) Oh how i envy your "FREEDOM".
    I am loving the 8inch heels by the way - you'll be a MILF to the max in them :)

  16. Enjoy EVERY minute. And I LOVE those shoes. Wear them, fabulous woman!

  17. Those are some seriously fabulous shoes sistah!!!!! I hope they take you to some realllly fun places.

    ENJOY your freedom!!!! Can't wait to hear about your trip.

    Safe travels. xo

  18. Wow, this all sounds fabulous. I couldn't imagine 2 weeks without Amy, it just wouldn't happen. My mum used to take her for about five days in the summer hols but knocked that one on the head a couple of years ago when Amy got bigger and more of a handful!!

    Shoes are gorgeous btw.

    CJ xx

  19. Wow. To the shoes. They are HOT. And to your freedom. I am One Envious Mother. Enjoy. xx And did I see a passed exam situation? And a Qualified Person??! Congratulations. Fab news. xx

  20. Look at those shoes! Shockingly jealous here. Sydney is a fab city, even more jealous vibes xx

  21. Enjoy your time off! Love those shoes, BTW.

  22. Hey Rebel Mother,

    I really enjoyed reading this post, you crack me up. I hope you enjoy your two weeks off!

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  23. OMG love the shoes!!! Can I borrow them? Except only to wear around the house as I would probably fall over in the street!
    Have a lovely time away xx

  24. Love this're completely bonkers!
    (which is of course a good thing)

  25. Hello peoples!

    Im so pleased you like the shoes, I was a bit dubious....

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and support in the past regarding the exam. Cant believe I actually passed - gob-smacked!

    Might be able to get a job that pays more than five quid an hour now!

    I've missed you all, but I'm back now, so I'll pop over to your blogs and see whats been going on.

    Many thanks for all you comments, its lovely to hear from you.

    Much love




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