Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Confessions of a night time blogger

I have had my nose in various books for the past few days and now I am in danger of becoming a secret night-time blogger.

Apart from the fact that when the kids are here, they are always on the computer or to be correct - fighting over it and during the day Hubby or the student are peering over my shoulder and I just cant type if I know someone is peeking or loitering with intent to read.

Wait until it's done!

Not that my family ever read my blogs, they have all confessed they don't have the time. Charming! Honesty is the best policy I suppose. I know Lou and Dandy (my friends) read it occasionally.

Anyway, I have my studies to do and my last exam paper is 5 weeks away, which I must pass or I'll go mad if I have to re-sit the damn thing again. It's the last hurdle so as to speak.

So I shall be blogging less for a bit - unless of course there is any gossip with which I must inform my 'Dear Diary'.

Actually I do have a bit of gossip, but it's saved in drafts because I don't know if morally I should tell the truth or cover the truth with glossy accessories for fear of being found out, or not write it all. It doesn't hurt anyone except me, it may hurt someone else - if they take it that way - but it might be an interesting read for you.

Oh dilemma's, dilemma's!

Lou, Dandy what do you think? Should I spill the magic beans about Friday?



  1. spill! my story about my 'unwelcome visitor' was a bit of a risk because one of my followers is her parnter's cousin lol! but i don't give a flying fook its my blog ha ha ha! x

  2. gossip is very much appreciated in blogland!

    CJ xx

  3. Er hello???? YES...spill the beans. You can not tease us like that...

    BTW, if you do take a break from blogging, we'll still be here when you get back x

  4. Hello Ladies!

    Amy - Good point. It is our private on line blog - we can do what we want! Hurrah!

    CJ - I love a bit of gossip too x

    MT - You twisted my arm....
    Re: break - thanks for that. It's just till mid June.

    Hope we cant get sued when blogging - I'd better check that out!

    RM x

  5. (Someone is peeking.....do it soon - sorry to tease).



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