Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Thank You

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog and for all your kind comments and being so supportive - I've been feeling a bit low lately - but you all cheered me up immensely. So thank you kindly.

Having read quite a few other blogs, it seems that I'm not the only one having a bit trouble at the mo. Maybe it's a lunar thing.......or a mummy thing.

Having popped a few pills, (sadly only Anadin), I'm now as happy as a pig in muck!

Talking of muck - 'Swiss' the student, a tiny slip of a girl, managed to clog up the toilet. So bad it was, it flooded the bathroom floor - which she wiped clean with a towel then threw the sodden thing in the bath and left it to stink for an hour. (I was out with the kids when this happened).

When I came home, 'Swiss' made herself scarce, while I was literally up to my elbow in toilet water trying to unclog the toilet. (I would never, ever, ever be a plumber, a most disgusting job).

I called Olly to come and help me, barking 'Your a small man, you should be doing this'. Hubby was away as usual.

All Olly could do was inform me of the physic's of gravity and the workings of a toilet - which I cant even explain because it went right over my head.

I had a long metal pole, which I had trying to shove down the toilet to clear the blockage.
Olly said, 'You should have something soft and bendy so it goes around the 'u'-bend, so you can poke it clear'.
I am clearly not the mechanical type.

Yuk! Yuk! Yuk! I left it alone. Put a note on the loo - Out of Use.

I then went into the kitchen and all the lights had blown. Could I find a pissing light bulb? No.

Then the latch on the bin broke so when you step on the peddle the lid wouldn't lift, then the kettle wouldn't work - element gone - so I had to boil water for a cuppa in a saucepan, in the dark.

What is wrong with the universe? It is conspiring against everyone at the moment.

But thanks for being there. xxx



  1. Oh my, well good luck, hopefully things start looking up!!

  2. You need some positive vibes in your house. I am sending you some now. There. Better? Good. Now relax, are you breathing? Good. In, 1,2,3,4,5. Out, 1,2,3,4,5,6. 5 times please. OK? How are you feeling now? Relaxed? There. No charge. The pleasure's all mine. ;-) x

  3. Oh honey - I'm with you!! Like Reasons says, deep will pass!! I'm in Brighton if you ever just need to scream, let me know! x

  4. Thanks Margarita. The plumeting spiral has stopped for the time being.

    Oh Reasons, you do make me laugh! Good vibes received and I'm dispersing them around house with extra sprinkling over kids! Many thanks x

    MT - Your such a sweetie - I'll try not to holla from the Clock Tower too loudly x

  5. Something else to make you feel better - an award for you over at mine...Hold on, is that you hollering from the clock tower?? I think I can just about hear you!! x

  6. Why don't you have a PLUNGER?
    That's the only thing that gets it done - you have to force whatever it is around the U bend. A giant plunger.
    And I hope you made Swiss buy you a new towel. The CHEEK of it! Honestly..
    Hope it's all getting better.

  7. I've gone out and bought a plunger now - all of four quid! It is still a vile job - given me nightmares it has!



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