Monday, 25 May 2009


I finally managed to persuade my mother to read my blog.

Unfortunately, she read the 'Italian Stallion' post and this was the look on her face.

Oh dear.

Not a fan then.

In other news, my Hubby recently declared that he would like to be a house-husband.

We have been together 16 years, married for 12 years and have three kids aged 22, 11 and 10.

NOW he wants to be a house-husband?

When all the hard work is over and the kids are virtually on edge of flying the nest (one hopes), he decides he wants to be a house-husband!

I have no doubt that he would be a better house-husband than I have been a house-wife. I am sloppy, I don't clean unless I'm stressed and the cupboard is mostly bare.

So this is my deal.

Sure honey, you can be a house-husband. Let me pass these exams then I will get a good job working away from home which will include travel abroad to exotic places, because that is where my clients will be based.

Extra perks, like socialising (only on a business scale of course), entertaining clients and having expensive designer clothes (to look good for the clients), meals out (business again) and flashy cars (business again) will be necessary requirements for me.

I will only come home at weekends, then I will slop around, play on my motorbike, ignore the kids and demand dinner at set times. I shall not take you out for ten years and expect sex on demand - even if your really knackered and haven't waxed your bits.

Plus, just so you don't feel too lonely, we'll have another couple of kids and don't count on me to help because I'll be too busy working.

How does that sound?

My Hubby has yet to comment on any part of my proposal.

I think he's getting a good deal - he doesn't have to study too and hold down three jobs....easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!



  1. Once again I love it! Please let us know when he does comment, I think it's a fair deal.

  2. looooove this post! i hope he reads it....oh and that picture is so funny, once again you don't fail to entertain me with your wonderful writing! x x

  3. Sounds like a very fair and equitable proposal to me :) hee hee. I'd never tell my mother I write a blog, it would be a nightmare! Hope you've had a good weekend luv Karen x

  4. LOL Great great post.
    I guess hubby's around the world really are not fussy if "you are knackered and our bits are waxed". Ha your funny!

  5. Sounds good to me lol :-)

  6. Does hubby read your blog? He should! Let us know if he agrees to the deal! x

  7. That's right, lay down the ground rules, Rebel Mama. Honey, you wanna play with big dawgs? Er, little dawgs? Then you gotta follow the Mistress's rules. Sic him! ;)

  8. Hee hee - You go girl. Hubby - are you reading this?? Do you really think you're up to the task?? Hmmmmmm...

    And Mother - are you reading this too?? It's a great blog - just look at the awards your daughter has been given (especially the one with the boots on)!! My own Mother liked that one in particular...

  9. Great post. Oooh how can you let your mum read your posts? I do admire you. Mind you, my own mum doesn't even know what blogging is. In fact most of my mates don't. its kinda lonely.

    Don't go out there in the jungle. You'll change. Stay as you are xxxx

  10. Oh heavens...

    If he read your post, your hubby would never get it. Hubbies do not understand all of the work and worry that we do.

    I like to joke with my husband to divorce me. Then, I would at least get every other weekend off!!!!

  11. Hello!

    Mary T - I'll let you know if he says anything but at the moment he seems to have become mute on the subject!

    Amy - My mother's face looked just like that - she was not amused!

    Karen - My mother is very prim and proper - I must take after my father. How Mother thinks I got 3 kids I have no idea - she probably still thinks storks delivering babies!

    MM- I'm sure when Hubby's get their nuptuals they as happy as spring lambs - jumping all over the place.

    Eliza - yes, I think it was good deal...however the dotted line awaits!

    Clarebabble - No, Hubby does not read my blog and neither do my friends or family. Good job really - leaves it wide open doesnt it? OOh gossip!!!

    FL - Very true - I think he knows what side he's bread it buttered - he'd be a fool if he didnt.

    MT -Yeah, I dont think Mother liked reading the sex part....very prim you see... she looked like she had sucked on a lemon!

    Sorry mum, but you did (not that she'll read it). AND you have an Italian boyfriend...come on!!!!

    Jenny - Thankyou kindly. No fears, as before no-one reads my posts but you guys and I'm very thankful. And I wont change because this is who I am - except on a full moon of course...

    Hit 40 - Hubbies dont get a lot of things - but then I like it that way....keeps 'em down you know....instead of the little woman! Oh how times are a changing!!!!

    Thanks for all your comments - I love to hear you. Here's another smile just for my chums, ready?


    RM xxx

  12. i pmsl at this post, just like a man to say that when all the works been done, loved your response!and i think your mum and mine could be twins as she has that kind of look on her face most of the time lol

  13. award for you my lovely lady at mine x x

  14. Sounds like quid pro quo to me (like the bit about the extra baba's! ;)

  15. sorry i meant 2awards for you at mine i love you that much x x x

  16. I love you...What part of that would make him want to say anything but a big YES???

  17. Bev, Mums and Hubbys are strange beings...x

    Katherine - Dont think I've got the energy for more baba's - scared him though!

    Amy - Thank you so much. xx

    Mary - I agree - I think he got a good deal! Love you too x

  18. Sent over by bringing up charlie. Enjoyed this and the Italian Stallion.

    With your response to this request, and that post I think your husband should pause for thought. Maybe being a house husband wasn't his brightest idea!

  19. Hello Zip!

    No, my husband's ideas are mainly full of cods wallop!

    You dont get promoted when someone has done the work for you!

    Thanks for your comment x



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