Thursday, 30 April 2009

Normal Service Resumed

My blog has had a nasty case of being 'backed up'.

I emailed the lovely violet posy who helped point me in the right direction and suggested it maybe the 'feeds'. Apparently it wasn't getting it's regular dose of five fruit and vegetables a day.

Now, after many proper portions plus some cod liver oil my blogs have shot out one after the other!

I can only apologise for the misbehaviour of my blog as it appears to have a mind of its own.

Amber went off on a school trip for a few days and it has been so quiet! No rows, no arguments, no nothing. It has been a joy to be in the house. Olly has been really happy, relishing in the fact that for the last few days he has been the 'one and only' in the house, and to be honest, at home, he has been an angel.

I did miss Amber, she is my only daughter and the last of my brood, but you do notice certain things when one of them is not around.

So after a blissful few days I picked her up from the school - it was such a joy to see her and she had had a wonderful time doing lots of activities.

Olly and Amber had a nice five minute chat about their recent trips, then all hell broke loose. Amber got into a right mood and lobbed all her dirty, muddy clothes out of the suitcase and onto the floor, spraying mud globules all over the carpet. She then huffed into the lounge, where Olly was playing happily on the computer and decided that she wanted to go on there and started pushing him off. That caused a loud and raucous scene. I then told her to get a shower and hair wash (as she was still covered in mud), that didn't go down well and it took 20 minutes to get her in the shower and another 30 minutes to get her out!

She picked at her dinner and then shouted at her dad and stomped off upstairs closing her bedroom door with such a force that the windows rattled and I jumped out of my skin in fright.

Finally, a bit of peace when she went to bed. However, this morning she took a least an hour and half 'dilly-dallying' getting ready for school. I had already sorted out her school stuff, so all she had to do was get dressed. What was she doing?????

Mmm, my kids seem to have a mind of their own as well as this bloody blog.

I shall endeavour to keep calm and carry on, as Normal Service has Resumed.



  1. Yep I'm picking up your feed. Whoopeee. You need a break!!! x

  2. Ooh maybe a glimpse of what I'm in for as my eldest daughter is returning from a school trip tomorrow! Lol, I suspect we'll be emulating the bickering bit at least :)

  3. MT - thank heaven for that. I was stuck on Dead or Alive for 2 weeks!

    MGM - put in your earplugs and be prepared. It's not pretty!

  4. My kids are always a bit of a nightmare when they return from school trips. Anti-climax plus severe fatigue make a volatile cocktail. Hang in there and try not to rise to it. (Says she who'd have flipped her lid by now.)

  5. Aah Reasons, you're so right. Got a feeling teenage hormones are kicking as well.....



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