Friday, 10 April 2009

Long Tall Trish - A Short Story

Long tall Trish originates from the other side of the world and is a six foot skinny-balinky. No, really, I've seen more meat on a chicken wing, but she is also a great friend of mine.

She's been married for ten years and was trying for a baby for 8 years until she unexpectedly fell pregnant. Over-joyed that she finally became a first-time parent to Rosie at the age of 38, she set about having another one. She was a bit worried because Rosie's birth was not a good one. Trish lost a lot of blood and almost needed a transfusion, while Rosie weighed in at a whopping 10lb!

Barely a year later she was pregnant again (no fertility drugs - just good timing), this time she carried differently and the bump looked smaller. Some peculiar woman from a far and distant land stopped her in the street, pointed at her bump and wailed 'its a boy, its a boy'!

(Yeah, we get a lot of those in Brighton).

Being concerned, because of Rosie's birth weight, Trish constantly asked the midwife what size the baby would be. She committed to 7lb 7oz.

Long Tall Trish gave birth on Wednesday afternoon. The baby was a girl (Little Miss No-name at present).

She weighed an eye-watering 10lb 11oz!

Points to remember:
Take no notice of the size of your 'bump'.
Even if you're skinny as a rake you can still have a gigantic baby.
Don't listen to strange women in the street
Add on 3lbs to what midwives tell you.

Well done Trish! Love you loads. xx

Has anyone out there had similar baby weight or mystic/scan misinterpretations?



  1. yes with my 2nd baby my bump was huge, i was huge and when i arrived at the labour ward the midwife prodded me and said' this is going to be a big one!' not the best thing to say when you're about to give birth! but she popped out at 7lb 3oz! not the whopper that was expected! but my 4th baby i carried all up front and was smaller this time, everyone was saying 'it's a boy'. out popped out baby girl 8lb 10oz! ouch! x x

  2. My midwife had 'suggested' that my 2nd pregnancy was going to be a girl, but it was another boy - 3 weeks earlier and the heaviest at 7lb 9oz. He is 11 now, 5ft 4", size 8 feet and a stomach like a black hole!



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