Monday, 6 April 2009

Bare Essentials

Good Heavens! Where have I been living? On a planet far, far away.

Being a mere fledgling in this blogging lark, I had a minute or two free yesterday and decided to surf the net and read some blogs. I happened to stumble upon Belle de Jour, (and no, I wasn't typing in 'sex'). Having led a somewhat sheltered literary life, I read some of the earlier posts and it knocked my socks off!

Come to think of it, I remember seeing Billie Piper in something similar fairly recently, but having neither the time nor the energy to concentrate on what is on telly, I never watched it. Now I know they are one in the same! (Yeah, it takes me a while to register....I didn't know about Blogging until 2 months ago. Stop laughing).

In other 'Bare Essential' news, I barely have any food in my cupboard because my car is out of action, so I cant get to the supermarket to do a 'shop'. I can only get a handful of essentials because I cant carry anymore and being without a car is driving me nuts!

The car is stuck at the garage, where they lost it, then they found it again! Apparently some bloke had taken it out for a 'test drive'. A likely story. He's probably nipped out in it to get a loaf or they're all out joy-riding in their customers cars, racing around the forecourt. I know what those blokes get up to, I've seen the tyre marks.

I bet Belle or Billie don't have to 'bus' it around Brighton with a couple of moaning kids, dragging Tesco shopping bags around, feeling like some old bag lady. Lucky things.


  1. Tesco will deliver you know! I used to have a boyfriend who's job it was to drive cars from customer reception (posh, well heeled secretary on desk) to where they were actually serviced (blue overalled, roll up smoking man on 'service floor'. Turns out the game was to race the cars down the A46 in as little time as possible. I aimed high as you can see.

  2. When I picked up the car and someone had done 11.5 miles on it! (I always put the speedo back to zero). x



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