Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Fat (1):

I have put on half a stone because of all those poxy Easter Eggs!

Fat (2):

Hubby decided to do his impersonation of Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen this evening, complete with cussing and swearing that would put even dear Gordon to shame.

He proceeded to nag me about how many bottles of oil we have in the cupboard. (Not being particularly talented in the kitchen department I have about 4, because I don't know which ones to use for what).

So busy was he, instructing me on what to use what fats for what, the kitchen got really smokey and all the fire alarms went off and he had to retrieve his burnt fish pie. (Ha!).


French ended up going home eventually, once the Embassy had stepped in because she lost her ID card. They got her a one way ticket home. She rang me to say she got home safe.

Swiss came, left for Easter and has now returned. She told us she had been 'galloping about on her horse in the peace of the countryside'. She must sorely miss the peace being in this house. Come to think of it, she does spend most of her time in her room.

Long Tall Trish

I finally managed to speak Trish who went into every gory detail about the birth of her new daughter. Poor thing, in labour for days, then the baby got suck...ugh! Not surprised being 10lb 11oz. Nature so conveniently makes you forget. Still no name.

Auntie Roo

Mother went to see Auntie Roo and she is on the mend - thank heaven. Apparently she can get to the bathroom now using a Zimmer. She is also complaining a lot, mainly about the hospital food and about the woman in the bed opposite who appears to be eating all the hospital food. A good sign I think.


Managed to speak to Lou last night for all of ten minutes and caught up with a bit of gossip from 'The Bush'. The Pig-dog ex has done some dastardly things to her, I promised to keep lips zipped, but one of them is nicking stuff out of her house, so she has had to change the locks. Thank God she also changed her man!


After ten Min's of yapping to Lou, I whizzed the kids down to the swimming pool to take my coaching session, where Amber proceeded to be a pain in the neck again! She didn't listen to anything I said and got all stroppy because she was behind. Session over, everyone seemed OK, then Olly burst into tears in the changing room. I asked him what the matter was, but he refused to tell me, so I let it go.

Out in the car park he threw a massive tantrum, chucking his swimming stuff all over the place. I told him to pick them up and put them in the boot of the car. He hurled it in with such force, a bottle of water splintered and splattered all over the carpet in the boot. I spent the next ten Min's mopping it up with the sleeve of my coat. (I didn't have anything else with me). We finally got home, Amber still in a strop, Olly crying and me giving up.

You'd think this was the end wouldn't you?


During the night Olly was so restless that not only did his duvet come off his bed but the sheets he lies on, pillows and blankets came off. Everything was on the floor including him and he doesn't remember a thing about it or how he came to be there......

It's just another!



  1. Hi there I just wanted to thank you for adding my blog A boy with aspergers to your wonderful blog. Have also added you to my blogroll:)x
    Claire Louise

  2. Thanks Claire Louise. 'A Boy with Asperger's' is so very interesting and has lots of help for anyone who needs it. It is also a great site to meet other parents/carers or people who have Asperger's in their lives. Well done x

  3. Crikey you poor thing. What a horrible day (worst bit that you've put on half a stone of course)!!! No really, I don't know how you do it sometimes. Well done for being so strong x

  4. I wish my husband would try to impersonate GR. I wouldn't mind the swearing if he would cook just one meal.

  5. Thanks for your comments, they really make me smile.

    MT. That half a stone is wobbling as I type!

    MM. A need to invest into good quality earmuffs is essential to prevent obscenities reaching ears, plus the hiring of a team of cleaners to mop up the mess afterwards. I'm not sure it's worth it.




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