Thursday, 19 November 2009

Stress Rehearsals

Oh dear..... stress, stress, stress........

I'm sure I'll drop dead of a heart attack soon.  My stress levels are soaring to an inordinate proportion as I am running around like a blue-arsed fly.

(And where the frig has my spell check gone?  I have uploaded this new posting thing from blogger, but there is no spell check!)

It also seems that life in general has shifted into a higher gear as we're now propelling towards Christmas at a hideous speed...

You may remember I told you that Olly was appearing in Peter Pan at Brightons Theatre Royal.

(This is also sponsored by Robinsons in conjunction with Put on a Panto.  You may have read about it on other blogs such as Bringing up Charlie, Jo Beaufoix and A Modern Mother).

Well, rehearsals have begun this week.

SIX days a week he has to rehearse.  Mon-Fri after school and Saturday all day.  So that means a lot of extra running around and organising and no time for homework - which Olly is estatic about.

We finally found his school bag, which he left on a bus.  It was at the buses Lost Property.  However he has now managed to loose his coat and bleeding rugby boots that cost me an arm and a leg!

Olly has also managed to get a detention after school for fighting.  Idiot boy. 

I had to ring the school and beg them to change the detention as it overlapped with the rehearsals of the play.  They conseeded to give him 2 half hour detentions instead of one, one hour detention.  That gives me enough time to pick him up, shove food down his neck, get him changed and drop him and another kid off at rehearsals.

I have managed to enlist the help of another mum, who's stress levels are non-existent. She has a lovely calming effect.  Shame she cant bottle that, she'd make a fortune.

Yesterday I had a phone call from Olly saying that a teacher had dropped dead and that they were shutting the school!

Luckily the poor chap didnt drop dead in a lesson, but everyone was so upset they sent 1500 kids home.

Shocking innit?  Never heard of that before.

I wouldnt have minded if a couple of my gruesome teachers had popped their clogs, when I was at school.  Mainly 'Giller the Killer', my hockey teacher.  Nasty bit of work she was, used to swing her hockey stick at us in a very menacing way and aim the hockey ball at your head.  You learned how to dodge though.  And our horrible typing teacher, who used to rap your knuckles with a ruler if we weren't typing fast enough.  (I stuck gum all over her chair, which ended up on her clothes.......I have no regrets).

Better go, time to run round like a headless chicken again.......xx

Oh where, oh where is my sodding spell check?


  1. I remember the weeks leading up to a show in high school. Very stressful but also some of the most fun. You'll make it through and I bet you'll even be bored once it's all over.

  2. Hi sweetie, yes, one of my maths teachers dropped dead suddenly like that. Didn't shut the bloody school tho'!

    so glad my kids haven't got theatrical aspirations. I was always going to rehearsals at Ollie's age too. xxx

  3. Oh, bless you for your award

    Am honoured. You are a true friend


  4. Oh but it add to the excitement! My daughters are in a Panto too and though a lot of work (and I complain about it) they have a blast!

  5. '...time to run round like a headless chicken again...'
    Altogether now...
    Oh, no it isn't!

  6. Family life - who'd have it any other way? And, incidentally, those blue arsed flies - where did that saying coming from?

  7. Is it just me or is the green color new? Regardless, I like it very much and it's so easy to read. If it's been there all along then I can give you a run for your money in the "chicken with her head cut off" category.

    You are one busy woman! But glad you worked things out for Olly to not miss rehearsals.

    Poor teacher! That is a new one. I've NEVER head of that happening before. Yikes!

    Hang in there!



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