Monday, 23 November 2009

Senior Moments

Apparently, after twenty-three years of nagging my eldest son Liam on 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness', I achieved absolutely nothing.

This is the state of his bin......

.....after just ONE day!!!

Needless to say, I am now charging him for services rendered.

Clearly, just nagging does not do the job, I must develop a certain 'lashing' to my tongue in order to be heard.

In other news, Hubby turned the huge '50' the other week and I think its effecting his brain.

He seems to be more absent minded than usual, but more disturbingly when he is making dinner, we seem to be enjoying the delights of 'mushed up' food more frequently, such as mashed potatoes and mashed swede and carrots, mashed sausages.......everything is mashed. Unless its soup.....!

It is resembling 'baby food'.

I should have seen this coming.

When I make dinner he always mixes his food up and crunches it down. His eating habits remind me of my old Grandad, who used to mash his food up, because he had false teeth at thirty.

Whats wrong with him? He's still got his own teeth!

More worryingly, he was supposed to go on a course this weekend and forgot to set his alarm, so at 9am Sunday morning I was rudely awoken by foul-mouthed rants because he missed his call. This means his whole rota will now change from now until Christmas. (We had to wait months for that Christmas rota to come through).

Ole muggins here is going to have to split herself in two in order to pick up all the kids at the same time from different locations.

Its like being married to an old man.

Visions of catheter's and pee bottles are wafting around my blenders and zimmer frames, false teeth floating in water......Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Lets just hope it a passing senior moment.......



  1. Sounds like your husband has always liked his food prepared to look it went through the blender. The new part is now when he fixes dinner for the family, he is fixing it all like it goes through the blender. Not very appetizing, but lots of people like their food like that. The forgetful part is something else. Like you, I would hope the forgetfulness is a passing thing, not something that lasts.

  2. Oh no poor son is the same. He says I've tidied up and when I look it it's exactly the same with cupboard and rubbish etc...lying in a pile screaming out 'fire hazard' at me.
    As for the mashed up food....awww, not sure what you can do about that. ;0)

  3. Oops!! Hubby turned 49 the other day and his eldest daughter (my stepdaughter) sent him a card saying 'Happy 50th'. He was gutted. So I can't imagine what next year's going to do to him. I shall have to brace myself. Good luck with the pee bottles sweetie x

  4. Sounds like he's getting ready for old age before his time if you ask me. I'm 50 next year, hope I don't go the same way lol

    Debbie x

  5. I feel your husband's pain. At 51 I forget everything which is why I have hot pink post-it notes all over the house and TWO alarm clocks. And I'm not kidding :-)

    Hang in there.

  6. My hubby is 26 and he can't remember where he leaves anything. sometimes i feel like i am his memory and he drives me CRAZY!!! but fortunately he doesn't mash up food that is very strange! xxxx

  7. I'm living a parallel life!! Made me feel better reading this!

  8. My sympathies. Greg has always mashed his food - even in restaurants - it is soooo embarrassing.

  9. No wonder Number One Son is eating all that junk - would you want to revert to baby food at 23? x

  10. I think you should hire your hubby out as a chef to rich yummy mummy's lol!
    What must I do to train Toddler boy in order to prevent the occurrence of aforementioned bin?

  11. I am married to an old man!! And what a mess of a bin that is - it resembles my office to be honest so does make me feel a little better.

    Love CJ xx

  12. Yes, it sounds like you will get the brunt of it. good post xx

  13. Re-read this and it made me laugh all over again...still think lossing your Mojo is one of the funniest posts for a while!
    I'm currently planning for a mid-life crisis...I think I deserve it! May I recommend that approach to you too :o)

  14. Wouldnt want to see your sons bin after a week!
    Belated happy birthday to your husband!

  15. In your son's defense at least he made close proximity to the bin...In your husbands defense...erm...well there isn't any! ;0)

  16. Hello Peoples!

    Technobabe: He's a nice looking bloke, what's he wanna mash his food up for? Its very off-putting! He has always been forgetful (his mother is like that), but it is getting worse. He may forget his married soon!! xx

    CM: It must be a boy thing....however the girl is really messy with her clothes. I pity the woman that marries Liam...poor cow! xx

    MT: OMG! that must have been awful for your poor man. It is not a nice number, but I guess its good that we get there in the end. Pee bottles give me nightmares!! xx

    Debbie - He is! His got his slippers, grandad underpants, mushed food. Wheres the bloke I married??? xx

    JJ - OOh, I think that is a good idea. Must admit, I'm getting reliant on post-its. Brill with the alarm clocks..Thanks hon. xx

    Amy - Ha! I can assure you its not that appetising to look at either, nor how he shovels it in. Slurping, urgh, ye gods, the picture I am painting is not good! xx

    Frosty - ah, pleased I'm not alone. xx

    Rosiero - It is isnt it? Then he has the cheek to go on about 'elbows on the table'!!! xx

    Maddie - Oh you made me laugh! Yep, thats probably it. xx

    Zoo - Not a bad idea! What else am I gonna do with him. He has his pinny on as well! Looks like a giant bib!!! xx

    CJ - I'm sure your bin isnt like that after one day.....still, I'm charging him a tenner a clean. Its still messy now! xx

    Jenny - It doesnt seem to stop does it? Oh life is bitter-sweet. xx

    Frosty - ah, so pleased you liked it. My mother is a strange character in 'Losing my Mojo'. Well, she is strange all the time really.... xx

    Casdok - AH! OMG! I hadnt thought of that. And thank-you. xx

    ED - Ha! Quite right! Something to be thankful for. Yeah, I'm fighting a lost cause with Hubby. Whats he gonna be like when his teeth do fall out? It will be straws all round, I'd say! xx

    Thank you so much for all your comments, you made me laugh. HOwever, I cant stop laughing when Hubby is eating now. He gets quite cross!!!

    Much love RMxx



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