Thursday, 12 November 2009

Cheeky Monkey

I feel like this today.

Rolling my eyes, at yet another crappy day.............

Hubby has left his orange mobile phone in a hotel room in Vancouver. The hotel are trying to get it a flight home.

However, the airline is in dispute with the unions and strikes about to start. The phone maybe stuck in Canada for the foreseeable future...... Lucky phone!

Olly left his school bag on the bus complete with dinner money pass (I've just put £40 quid on on it!!!), bus pass, locker key, PE kit, homework etc. We have been running around bus stops trying to chase the errant bus, but surprisingly, it was too quick for us. I Phoned Central Control, who informed the Bus Inspectors, and arranged a rendezvous with the driver. We finally got to the supposed rendezvous but the driver had changed and the bag had disappeared!

For F***ks sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We now have to wait to see if it turns up in the Buses lost property. Oh, what fun that will be, wading though all that!

I caught Nil points (my bugger of a neighbour), nicking my cable! He ran a long thick pipe from my cable inlet to his house. He came round and said that he was only checking that it worked, because his cable wasn't working. It was stuck there for about three days, until I pulled it out.

His new baby is a 'mini-me' . A little boy I think. It is so good, I have yet to hear it cry. I just hear absurd cooing noises through the wall, made by his parents.

Why, oh why, does such a cheeky monkey of a neighbour have such a good baby? My lot did nothing but yell and scream and never let me get any shut-eye for TWO years. The yelling and bickering still continues.....

Nil confessed to having one difficult night with him and his wife was in tears because she wasn't dressed by 10 o'clock. So he made her a cup of tea.

I confessed to Nil that I used to wet myself because I didn't get time to go to the loo with two of them to look after and there was no Hubby around to watch them whilst I had a shower, so I had to stink!

(That'll teach him to bloody show-off with his good baby!).

Needless to say I haven't seen him since. At least he's stopped nicking my cable now.

My car is doing peculiar things too, like short-circuiting. (It's not the only one!). It keeps resetting the clock back to zero and doors fly open when you are driving. It thinks its Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. Blasted thing.

The garage roof is leaking and so is the shed roof, all over my storage stuff!

A ton of bills have dropped on my doormat, which I shall frame as I cannot pay them.

I have no floor in the hall, because a radiator leaked all over it and ruined it.

Amber smothered TWO white towels in red lipstick...........

Oh, the list goes on. I think you've probably had enough now.

BTW Its my Hubby's birthday today. He has hit the magical 50!!!!!!!! Never thought we would see that one. Scary. It creeps up on you when you least expect it.

So I feel like that orangutan up there - isn't he cute?

From one cheeky monkey to another.......kisses and saucey winks to you. xx



  1. Anything else you'd like to add? Is there anything else that can possibly go wrong? Poor you, I don't know what to say and even then you make a joke.
    I hope you find the bag, get the phone back, pay the bills......
    Take care.
    Like the new look by the way. xx

  2. My hubby is 50 too! I still can't help thinking that's old. I didn't tell him that though.

    Hope today is better!

  3. And I thought my days were bad. Keep smiling!

  4. OMG!!! What a day you've had! What a cheeky neighbour!! It won't be long til the baby changes into a little hell raiser...they all do eventually

  5. Love, love, love your cheeky monkey picture :-)

    WIsh your day was going better. I can relate and hope things turn your way VERY soon.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby!


  6. Ah! What a day!! Hope it gets better. Thank you for sharing it, you've turned a bad situation into a funny one to read. Love your blog by the way. And the monkey. Christina XX

  7. that is alot of stuff going on, but you write it so well and i love your humour i love your posts xxxxxxx ps i'll be framing my bills too lol

  8. Congrats on hubby's big 50 (minus his mobile phone)! I think after all that you will suddenly come in to a run of good luck and start finding things, a £50 note on the floor, perhaps?

  9. Oh dear what a list! Go on smile, I know you want to.
    Ok I'll tell you a joke.
    What do you call an italian with a rubber toe?
    Go on,
    I'm dead funny

  10. Oh my Lord what a day! And you still manage to write a blumming fabulous blog post at the end of it. Hope hubby has a fab birthday, hope the bag turns up and hope neigbour's baby keeps him awake with its happy cooing. And maybe you could carpet the hall with the bills?? Or just have some wine and chocolate and the world will seem a much better place. Ta for the award too. You're a star. :D

  11. I'm soo sorry you have had a crappy day! But you made the rest of us laugh! You write delightfully!!

    I will be back!!




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