Friday, 3 July 2009

A Little Peace

Dear Readers

Apologies for not writing or commenting lately - AGAIN! I am a terrible blogger, but life is conspiring against me. It doesn't stop does it?

My computer has given up and clapped out!

I am devastated.

It has been in the workshop since Tuesday, being analysed by student computer geeks and the prognosis is not too good.

Hubby has now left for the States for a sodding WEEK, but I have managed to commandeer his laptop - which I am having severe trouble with, as it seems to have a mind of its own like everything else in this house.

My car was whining and according to Hubby so was its owner! Charming!

We took the car back to the garage where they repaired it before, and there was a bit of row between Hubby and some butch bird called Brenda. Hubby said that they had not fixed the car properly and Brenda was defending the company.

It got a bit nasty and almost came to blows!

You know, when you're just so used to sorting out everyone else's problems that you just don't have the energy to sort out your own.

I'm currently involved in a sticky battle to do with Father, where solicitors are involved and we're fighting for what is rightfully his, because some of his nearest and dearest think they can just take from a vulnerable adult and they think no-one cares about his welfare.

It beggars belief! Family too!! Absolute B'stards!!!

Do they not think that someone is looking after him and watching what goes on????

Well, they haven't reckoned on me then. Because I will fight tooth and nail my Dad.

This is war.

So with all this going on, plus Olly and Amber and Liam and the students, my resources are bit drained. But Hubby let rip into Brenda and it was just to nice to have someone fight a battle for me. Stick up for me, like my dad
used to.

I miss that.

My Hubby has now been elevated to place of 'Hero'!

In other news, the students are OK. Spanish, whose curfew was 2100 hours is now out until 1am!!

The other 3 are getting on my wick, with their dirty feet on my couch and taking over the telly. But like any other 14 year old you just have to tell them what to do. What they going to say? No?

I rang the agency and told them they had been in the house for the last 3 nights and that I am not an unpaid babysitter and it is not for me to entertain them in the evenings. Seems to have got through. They went out last night. They leave Tuesday, then we get another 3. Hopefully the next lot will be better, they are older.

When I was a teenager I was out all the time. This lot just lounge around getting under my feet. How sad is that?

Liam has just this minute rang and said he is moving back home this evening!!!!!!


I hope that this episode with that vile woman is now over. Apparently she is dropping him off tonight. Although, God knows where he is going to sleep! Couch I think.

What wouldn't I give for a little peace - but that's not my life.


  1. Your having a bit of awful luck with your car and computer. Sorry. Amazing how things like to break in groups.

    ... but your dad!!! This has to hurt to the core that your family is trying to pick him clean. Very stressful.

    I just read on another blog that a fanny means something very different to you than US. To us, a fanny is just a funny replacement for behind. I guess it is something else that is kind of vulgar to you?? I don't want to type the word. Was this person for real?

  2. Hello hit 40. There are some strange things at work at the mo. Very true. It is stressful.

    And, Oh.. dear.. God, dont use that 'F' word!

    I've sent you an email with the full explanation of that particular 'F' word! Not a good word in the UK.

    You do make me laugh! Love RMxx

  3. I bet that you'd be lost if you had a silent house!!!

  4. I can relate. I don't have any peace either. Sorry about your car! My husband swears I'm the reason for every ill-fated vehicle we have. :)

  5. Your computer, your car AND your Dad! Your hands are full but you sound up to the challenge, especially for your Dad-- Kick those bastard's butts!!!

    Hang in there!

  6. Ooh, your poor Dad. How can people do that? I won't swear on the screen, but rest assured they're being called a few names here.
    Glad I'm not going to be on the receiving end when you do go into battle!
    You wouldn't know what to do if it was quiet!
    Sending (((HUGS))) xx

  7. Sorry you're having such a rough go of things. You do need a break. If you were closer, I'd loan you some of my darvs to take off the edge. :)

    And what's this about the fanny word?

  8. Poor sweetie, you're really going through it.

    I certainly hope you come through the other end with your dad.

    It must be horrible having strangers stay in the house. My mates used to have students and they couldn't stand it for very long.

    love xxxx

  9. I am equally behind so don't worry! Sounds like you need a break from it all...sorry you're having such a time of it lately. Sadly you can't choose your family :( Keep smiling sweetie :) xxx

  10. I think peace isn't meant for some people's lives. We were put on this earth to search for it but no one ever told us where to start looking.

    CJ xx

  11. Another three on Tuesday? Haven't you been punished enough already?

  12. Wow that was a bit like drinking from a fire hydrant! LOL. Lot's going on there. I wish you some P&Q, students can be really hard work. Hurry home hubby! x

  13. Oh sweetie - you need a holiday. Can I come with you? x

  14. Hi there, I just discovered your blog via BMB - and I love your writing! Wishing you a little bit of peacefulness. And a happy holiday with Maternal ;-)

    PS: Hear you about beggars in the family and taking from vulnerable adults. Its my grandma who needs to be protected in our case, and I wish you ALL the strength and willpower to stand your ground for your father.

  15. Hello peoples!

    OMG - a silent house is what I dream about! xx

    CJ - The car is still whining (a week later!) and this time so is Hubby! xx

    JJ - you do make me laugh! I will kick their butts with a big boot! xx

    Sandy - thank you so much. Hugs received and sent back. you're a sweetie xx

    FL - I could do with some darvs, well, anything really! Dont ask about the 'F' word. It is a naughty word here. I think it is probably more naughty that the other 'F' word! xx

    Jenny - Yup. This is the last year. I will eat out of dustbins in future. xx

    Clarey - You such a darling. I will try to keep smiling, but it looks like a grimace. xx

    Gigi - Kind of you to say so. Thanks for dropping by xx

    CJ - OMG! totally agree. Keep searching and searching and nothing. I dont think it exists. xx

    Dear Dottie - I have been punished enough, although no crime was committed. Perhaps they should commit me instead. I may get some peace then. xx

    Reasons! Hey! Hubby has been home and now gone Egypt. Sometimes I really dont like him. (lol). xx

    MT - Fancy singapore? Love it there. We could have some singapore slings - rather potent you know! xx

    MM - Hello! You are so kind. Thank you. There is a comfort in knowing that other people have the same probs with vulnerable adults. Many thanks. xx

    Thanks so much for all you comments. It's always nice to hear from you all.

    Much love RMxx



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