Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Best Of British Mummy Bloggers Carnival

Best Of The British Mummy Bloggers Carnival is now here!

There are some cracking posts for you and as with any Carnival we have something for everyone. So have a glass of cyber bubbly, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Hot Cross Mum, was certainly not hot and cross when she found her freedom with 48 hours in Neverland. Lucky thing.

If your at your wits end with what to shove in party bags, Chloe has some great tips on How to Make A Ben 10 Themed Party Bag on a Budget

Its not all a bed of roses by Deb training little gardeners who need a wee!

Lorraine from Rookiemumssurvival guide has some interesting observations in Emotional Issues, he said, she said, and demonstrates that men and women certainly think/act differently.

Nadine from Time Management Mum has a cool book alert that all busy mums will love.

Over at Metropolitan Mum she has found a new breed of yummy daddies - which is always very interesting to know. (We have to keep our eye on the ball you know!)

Erica at Littlemummy has some thoughts on After School Clubs with a very touching video

Amy Turn Sharp has never been so grossly insulted, but it made me laugh!

Jo Mallon from Parentdish has quite a controversial post on Would you keep your child's gender a secret?

Over at Four Down Mum To Go, Everyone's a Winner, we all know she is, with her four boys!

Whilst the lovely Brit is Missing Some Mummy Friends, her cyber friends are all here for her.

Daffodilly keeps us all guessing with imaginative play with whats happening in her photos. I couldn't figure it out, I must need more creative stimulation!

All Grown Up has an eye watering post about My Birth Story. Seriously, more drugs required!

Cave Mother has an interesting post on The Language of Co-Sleeping with your child.

Karin at Cafe Bebe discusses What Women Really Want. But of course, what we get is a totally different matter!

Claire at 20somethingmum takes on a
Dolls House Project. A brave and patient woman.

The wonderful Susanna at A Modern Mother has some interesting Bedtime Conversations with her four year old.

Have a laugh with Sally from Who's the Mummy with some strange and interesting facts about a 4 nippled man!

Kat from Slugs on the Refrigerator has a fab poem about When It Rains it Pours. It certainly would with that cloud hanging over ones head! That was one crappy Monday - poor love.

Not Supermum (who, I think, really is), has troubles with her teenager, an encounter with a fit fireman, (lucky thing) but unfortunately forgets she is wearing slippers. Oh dear!

Sian at Mummytips is the proudest mum in the world with her No 1 son and who wouldn't be after all she went through. He's a cracker!

Potty Mummy has a day full of challenges over at Sunny Pines, in her post
Bing Bong! I don't know how she does it - she must run on Duracell or something, I would have collapsed after breakfast!

With what Antonia fits into her day, she must be able to type at a 1000 words a minute!However, Getting Feedback For What You Do is important, and Antonia has finally got some...yay!

Clare at Clareybabbling has had a comical time with her son, a pair of Pants and Daewoo! Don't you just love boys? Couldn't live without them.

Aah, now we have a Daddy Blogger. Dan has been gallivanting around the country with his kids having a glorious time at different events with Singleparentblagger. He's been getting in free too! Gift of the gab no doubt!

Amy over at And1moremeansfour actually managed to slot in a Party time, during her busy schedule with her four girls -I think we should call her the Amazing Amy!

Half Mum Half Biscuit has a recipe for a
phychotic ex-wife and who could blame her with all that going on!

Dancing Fairy has a lovely letter to her
Dear Squigler, her baby, which is due any moment! Yee Gods! Quick! We need towels, hot water and string.......Mmm. I'm exactly sure why we need all that. Good luck DF - hope Squigler comes soon x

Tara or 'Sticky' as I call her, (I love that word 'Sticky'), from Sticky Fingers has an adorable daughter who says exactly what is on her mind, so if Sticky is Beaten Up By Angry Teens, You'll Know Why!

If you are an early riser, Helen at Ladybirdworld, can be seen to be chasing rabbits in her knickers before breakfast! (I did laugh). Run, Rabbit, Run, I hear you cry......

Grab some tissues and head over to Sandy at Baby Baby. A very moving post for her belated father,
Happy Birthday Dad.

Good Heavens! Wife of Bold is having a right time of it coping with two little ones; When It's All Poo Much. Poor Wifey is up to her elbows in it and needs some advice, quick!

Victoria from Its a Small World After All enjoys a challenge and has proved this with her post 7 great tips for taking children to art galleries . Good on you Victoria!

At New Mummy's Decisions Have Been Made, although the future looks uncertain, she is a great girl and I'm sure she'll come up trumps.

Maternal Tales is having some difficulty finding suitable Childrens Reading Material? Not Quite the right stuff for a little one, but very funny.

Cartside over at Mummydothat has a post where Kids Go Politics

Surprise Mum is kicking up her heels and having a fine time. Daddy Loves, Mummy Loves, Baby really loves Disco .

And finally, Ella is certain that you dont know what you've got until its gone with a funny tale about her fridge door falling off.

There are some wonderful posts here and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them all, so thank-you to everyone who submitted one. It should keep you busy until our next Carnival!

The next Carnival is taking place over at Nixdminx on Tuesday 4th August. Please email her at nixdminx (at) gmail (dot) com.



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