Tuesday, 17 March 2009

God of Carnage - Must see play

I actually managed to get a night off yesterday evening, Hubby babysat while I slapped on a bit of war paint, dressed up and bused it down to the Theatre Royal in Brighton. God of Carnage starred Richard E Grant, Serena Evans, Roger Allam and Lia Williams. It was really good. It is about two couples that get together because one of their children has whacked the other couple's child with a stick. It is hilarious. It opened last night to almost a full house. Mr Grant was superb as always and his wonderful clear voice echoed throughout the Theatre. (He's a bit of a looker with a well buff bod! I had to avert my eyes at one point, while he undid his trousers to tuck his shirt in - I was afraid of falling madly in love forever and ever!).

As the play unravels so does the life of each couple with very interesting results and a few shocks that make the audience gasp! It was quite refreshing to hear the odd 'fuck' now and again, because most people swear in everyday life anyway.

As I am a bit mutton (Mutton Jeff - deaf), sometimes its a strain to hear actors in the Theatre, but only Lia was a bit quiet sometimes.

If you fancy a night out - go see it. It's in Brighton until Sunday 22nd (I think), then it moves on somewhere else. Keep an eye out for it. Frankly, its worth the money and to get a glimpse of good old Richard with the buff bod - its dreamy....

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