Thursday, 12 March 2009

Fairy Cakes and other such bits

Olly went off on a school trip to London this morning, so we all had to be up at the crack (of dawn). He was really excited and anxious to get to school very early.....I hope they can cope with him - he seemed a bit 'all over the place' today. Still, I suppose they'll call me if i'm needed.

Meanwhile, I've had a bugger of a day. Cleaning, hoovering and more bloody cleaning. We must be so messy - but when every one's here nobody notices. The student's room was starting to hum, so I had to give that a going over.

Mid domestic hell, I remembered I had to make fairy cakes for tomorrow's red nose day. Luckily I'd bought a packet of fairy cake mix. I didn't even know they made things like that. Hubby told me. (If truth be known he is more woman than me). It doesn't smell very nice either (the mix not Hubby). Anyway, it's quick, easy and it might add a few 'brownie' points for me at the school.

Mid-mixing, I reminisced about the times we used to make proper cakes, pre-marriage, pre-kids, pre-chained to the kitchen sink. No cleaning, no being somewhere on time (except work, but finding inventive excuses why you were always late was fun). No chauffeuring, no seeing teachers, clinics, psychologists, senco's and cooking dinners. Just eat when you remembered to. Ahhh lovely. I would visit Lou and we would have some friends come round and we'd make hash cakes and vodka jellies, listen to music all night and having meaningful conversations. Yeah, so meaningful nobody could remember who they were the next day let alone what we yapped about.

The cakes are almost ready now. Reading the ingredients, there is nothing exciting in this cake mix apart from Fatty Acids (I doubt you'll get a high off that), and colourings. Doesn't sound particularly thrilling. I'm not even sure I've made it right. I'll have to blog on to Piginthekitchen. She does some wonderful looking foods.

God! What is that smell?

I have just rescued the fairy cakes. Not bad actually, slightly tinged but icing will hide that. My house smells all nice for once.....a slightly burnt aroma, but certainly better than the smell of boys bottoms and dirty underwear.



  1. Hello Friend, Lou here you should get divorced every second weekend you can live the single life, vodka jellies and all xxx

  2. Your such a tease. Is that what your up to this weekend? Dont forget the fairy cakes!

  3. Fairy cake mix?
    Weigh some eggs, put the same weight of butter/marg and the same weight of self raising flour, splash of Vanilla extract.
    Slap into some paper cases, whack in the oven..voila!
    Or, of some ready made.
    I've trained my five year old daughter to make them!!

  4. Dear Frog in the Field. I can only hang my head in shame re fairy cake mix! The receipe is so simple - thank-you. Amber decorated them with pink icing and shiny bits of stuff, and they sold out. (Phew!). So at least we raised a bit of money for Red Nose Day.



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