Monday, 7 September 2009

Divine Solitude

Photograph by Paolo Curto/Getty Images

What a pissy week!

After a lovely two week respite I have landed back on earth with a crash and assumed my previous role of Domestic Drudge.

There are too many people in this house. Everywhere you turn there is an offspring of mine or a husband or a relative or someones girlfriend or a pigging salesman at the door hoodwinking my fool of a husband. (My husband said I was cruel to kick him out and that the young salesman looked like he was going to cry. I couldn't have cared less. Get out, get out, get out!)

My gums have blown up to an indescribable painful proportion (I think its gingivitis) so I cant eat, drink or talk much, which is a shame. However, Hubby has taken to whistling and singing of late and appears to be in a very good mood now my tongue is no longer able to wag!

But today is a fabulous day! There is no one in the house but me. Olly is at his new school, which he seems to be enjoying - although I don't enjoy battling the traffic to drop him off and pick him up twice a day. Amber is at her school (she is in the last year of Primary now), Liam is at work and Hubby has gone back to Nairobi for a few days. So it is bliss, bliss, bliss!!!!

I have applied for membership from the affiliating body that I passed my exams in, but you also have to submit relevant work experience and references, so I am just waiting to hear if I have been successful. If so, there are further options, such as more study (for fucks sake!) or opening up my own business - but this is also extremely regulated. They obviously don't want any tin-pot crap then! I'm chomping at the bit at the moment, ready to steam ahead, but all this waiting around is doing my head in. Still, we'll know soon enough.

Anyhow, today is a day of Divine Solitude and although I don't look anything like that bird swimming around in the Indian Ocean or live anywhere like that beautiful tropical island in the Maldives, spiritually I am her and I am there - for today, anyway.



  1. Ooooooooh to that photo. Yes please. Can I come too? Looks a bit better than Brighton...
    Glad you're having a good day at least and hope your gums get better. Sounds awful x

  2. I'll take my chances on the island...I don't want some suprise from the deep screwing up my day.

  3. You can still be present and have a beachcomber's attitude. 'Least I think so.

    I get it when you say you want to be alone. I need it alot lately, and you just have to TAKE it.

  4. I'll hold the pic in mind mind and visualize a tranquil vacation day for you :-)

  5. I worked a half day today, came home, and hubby was glad to see me and wanted to talk but I let him know I want some quiet time for awhile. We all need that time for ourselves sometimes. Glad you are enjoying your quality time with self!!

  6. Congratulations getting the hubby out of the house! They are so much work. Always hungry!!

    Enjoy your peace now that school has started.

  7. Looks amazing.
    Hope your gums feel better soon and you hear about your membership. Fingers crossed!

  8. Gingivitis sounds very painful, hope it clears up soon and you enjoy more peace and quiet x.

  9. Poor sweetie. It seems they'll never leave - got rid of my lot at last too, so know the feeling. But instead of getting our new house in order as planned, am pissing about on here. Still, sod it eh?

    Hope teeth gett better, you poor thing xxxx

  10. On the most miserable Irish day imaginable, I have just jumped into that ocean - wow. Enjoy your day of spiritual well being. Pina Colada anyone?

  11. Hey, Rebel Mom! HIt 40 sent me over to check out your blog... my son's also on the spectrum. Looking forward to reading more from you!
    Enjoy your divine day of solitude!

  12. no kids, no hubby, oh the bliss, if only they could look after themselves for a couple of weeks so you get get on that island, well you can dream.

  13. but what great postcards to read back through!

  14. It's quite weird to be child-free at first isn't it? Especially on the back of the madness that is the summer hols!

    My daughter started school last Thursday and it was mighty strange just having one noisy child to tend. And noisebox started nursery today - although he only lasted 1.5 hr, it was bliss to be able to do the weekly food shop in relative peace. It's amazing how much quicker a mundane, dreaded and normally rather stressful chore can be accomplished in milliseconds sans enfants. I can't say it was exactly joyous but it was certainly stress-free. I could get used to the feeling...

  15. nothing like a bit of blue ocean to soothe the spirit - and hopefully the gums xx

  16. Enjoy your day -- sounds like you deserve it!

  17. Hello my little lovelies!

    MT - My bleeding gums are killing me. Hope my teeth dont drop out...I could end up a toothless crone! xx

    @eloh - I think I'll join you on that island - looks fab dunnit? xx

    FL - Oh so true! Grab what you can...I dont feel selfish in doing it either - I think us parents give so much, well, more than mine did anyway! xx

    JJ - Do you want to come too? We could just chill for a while. How lovely. xx

    Technobabe - thank you.It was over in a blink of an eye - still, better than nothing1 xx

    HIt40 - Why are they so flipping hungry? My lot never stop...chomp, chomp, chomp continually! xx

    Casdok - Thanks so much. I'm still waiting to hear - they had better get a move or I will have forgotten everything at this rate! xx

    Womanatwork - Gingivitis is a right pain in the arse! It really hurts. I think it is also called 'Trench Mouth'!!! What a name! xx

    Jenny - they seem to come back like little boomerangs - eating me out of house and home. No wonder I'm skint! xx

    Hot Cross Mum - Ooh yes please...Jenny can bring the ciggies...xx

    Catlady - ah many thanks. My day was lovely. Good to know you have a boy on the spectrum too, perhaps we can swap advice? Thanks for dropping by. xx

    Bev - Oh dreams are wonderful - its what keeps us all sane xx

    Grit - Absolutely. xx

    Mamma Po - It is strange at first - but to be honest I'd had enough - peace rules - yay!! x

    Nixdminx - Oh yeah, gimme, gimme, gimme! The colour is just so inviting, warm and lovely - couldnt agree more. xx

    MM - thank you. It was gorgeous. xx

    Many thanks for all your comments. I love to hear from you

    Here's a big grin, cause you made me smile


    Much love




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