Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Glorious Food

What the hell is this???

Abbi (Liam's new girlfriend), who seems to be a permanent fixture at weekends, says this was a gift from her mother.

To feed her with no doubt!

On questioning Abbi, with regards to 'What is it?', 'What do I do with it?', 'Does it have a name?',
'Is it rhubarb?', 'How do I cook it?'.

She replied, 'Its like spinach. Cook it like Spinach'.

She obviously is not aware that my cooking skills, regarding the art of creating a spinach dish, (or any dish come to that) do not stretch that far.

And what the frig is this?

Looks like overgrown sweetcorn kernels.

These are mini yellow tomatoes apparently.

Can you eat yellow tomatoes, without being poisoned?

At least I know what this is.

A fuzzy piccy of a cucumber.

Yeah, well, I'm not sure how long the first two will sit in my fridge, the spinach thing must be about 3ft long and is curling around the inside of my fridge muscling in on everything else. It is a very bolshy vegetable.

We seem to be inundated with other visitors at the weekend too these days......mainly Liam's huge, strapping mates.

When did they grow so big? Am I shrinking?

I knew these kids when they were scrawny 12 year olds, who wouldn't say 'boo to a goose' and where no taller than a reed of grass. Now they are towering 23 year old men with bulging muscles, big gobs and noisy fast cars. The neighbours get a bit twitchy when they visit.

Liam's room emits noise like a football crowd on a Saturday afternoon. Smutty words can be heard echoing down the stairwell along with great guff's of raucous laughter!

They also have stomachs like bottom-less pits. Why do they always come round at tea-time? I cant feed that fridge would be empty in a matter of seconds!

Mmm, seconds thoughts, it might solve the problem of the spinach tree growing in the fridge. I could whip 'em up a spinach and tomato tart delicately decorated with cucumber.

In my experience, young men seem to like the taste of a good-looking tart!

(Singing) Food, glorrrrr.............rious........fooooooooooooooood!


  1. omg that first pic is hilarious!! I've never seen spinach like that either. the yellow tomatoes are all good though. I got given some last year and they taste the same as red ones, rest of the fam wouldn't touch them though

  2. That is a really good line: "In my experience young men seem to like the taste of a good looking tart". I think the spinach like thing is Swiss Chard?

  3. If you cook it like spinach then what the heck do you do with the rest of it?

  4. There's just no answer to the previous comment is there?

  5. Widge - I have never seen yellow tomatoes before - strange looking things. They dont look ripe somehow... xx

    Technobabe - Ah, thanks for that. But you are right - it is a Swiss Chard. Never seen one of them before either - and you saying that jogged my pitifully poor memory...Abbi did mumble something to that effect. xx

    Ice Queen and Technogran - I think we should chuck the root back at Abbi's mum, before the damn thing takes over the house. Cant shut the fridge now...infact...I'm gonna chuck it out. Its like a killer triffid!

    Thanks so much for your comments Love RMxx

  6. Oh my too funny!! I don't know if your tart concoction would go down too well with them though!

  7. Maybe your son and his friends will dare each other to eat the tart! That's probably the only way it will get eaten!

  8. That looks like rhubarb from the picture...rhubarb leaves are poison!

    With such a hunk of root..maybe she meant for you to plant it?

  9. lol! I have never seen a veg like that but i do know that we sell a lot of yellow tomatos where i work so they must be ok. A house full of 23year old men??? where do you live i'll be round ;) xx

  10. what its like spinach!! i would have made a crumble with that lol shows how much i know.

  11. Yellow plum tomatoes can be VERY good, seriously. As for the swiss chard-- not so much.

  12. Very funny...good luck with the rhubarb..and the tart..and the strapping young men...actually...where do you live..?

    Thanks so for the award Mrs!

  13. Ooer! They just look Rude! Thats entertainment enough for me!

    So these girlfriends then? They just hang around the house do they? I'm not sure I want that (tho' it sounds like you've got no choice) xxxxxx

  14. Oh, that was very funny. You make your tensions sound hilarious. That's a gift!

  15. That's some strange looking veg you have there, i'm rather partial to a tart myself :)

    Award for you over at mine x

  16. I so wish I'd had a boy sometimes.....
    (together with Amy of course!)

    CJ xx

  17. Hehe you always make me laugh! I've got an award for you at mine xx

  18. Thank you so much for all your comments, and many thanks for the lovely awards. It is fab that you think of me.

    Love to you all




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