Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Death and Taxes Part 2

Dear God! The shenanigans about my brother-in-law, 'Jolly Roger', have been coming thick and fast. Everyday it is something new. It appears that 'Jolly Roger' is more like Roger the Dodger!

Apparently, the house, which incidentally he bought for peanuts 20 odd years ago, has three mortgages on it! Mortgaged up and beyond all reasonable levels.

My sister-in-law, Suki, has found out that she has two maxed out credit cards in her name, which she didn't know about. Her signature was forged on these documents. Other credit card statements are pouring in, in Roger's name, also maxed out.

Loan sharks have been telephoning the house and people, who we all thought were his mates, were actually people he had borrowed money from. They've been knocking at Suki's door telling her how much he owed them.

Roger's parents were considered 'tight' by my Hubby's family, but now it has come to light that they had been lending or giving him money for years and in the end got really fed up with him and so put a stop to it. Now we know why.

Roger borrowed his sister's life savings and never paid it back. When their father died, he left both of them some share certificates to be equally distributed, however, Roger got hold of them, sold the lot and pocketed the money.

My mother-in-law lent Roger her late husbands car, but, rather stupidly, left the registration details in the car. So Roger sold it!

You would think this was enough wouldn't you?

Oh no!

A couple of days ago, a mistress of SEVEN years crawled out the woodwork. SEVEN years! And he 'took' her for 70 grand as well. We don't know much about her yet, just that she was local and he had known her for donkey's years. Hope there are no secret kiddies.

You couldn't make this up could you? Its bloody unbelievable.

And so the river's of tears that were shed have dried up completely and been replaced by anger. Suki is so enraged, Roger is still in the morgue.

He has had his autopsy which we are just waiting for the results of, (should be interesting), and there also has to be an inquest.

I think he was quite clever, because he kept everyone at arms length so no-one spoke to each other about all this lending and borrowing. I suppose this is how Con-Artists do it. Apparently this had been going on for years. However, it caught up with him in the end, otherwise he wouldn't have had such a shocking demise.

The rough estimate of debt at the moment is in excess of half a million, and rising constantly, with no assets!!! Not a bean! Suki has 35p in her purse and that's it!

The questions I would like to know are these:

What was he doing in that city?
Had he come to meet someone?
Was it a dodgy deal that went wrong?
Why did he have his passport on him at the time?
What was the drain of money?

All the money was going out all time. Maybe he was a gambler or secret druggie (although I don't think it was drugs). Something was draining that money away and it must be huge.

Needless to say, I don't think many people will be attending the funeral. Hubby is flatly refusing to go, and Suki is even debating it. I think the Mistress wants to go though. That wont be much fun, the Wife and Mistress at the funeral!

I would never have pinned Roger down as the 'Artful Dodger' or 'Artful Roger' come to that. But he hood-winked us all.

Just shows you doesn't it? You don't really know anyone.

I shall keep you updated with anymore details that come in.




  1. Please keep us posted! I agree that there's something huge going on and it's going to come out. This sounds like it's straight out of a movie.

  2. If it wasn't so awful and actually happening to your family this would make great TV ... hope that some answers appear soon for you

  3. you are so can't make that $#*! up!!!

  4. There are always two sides to every story. Or about 16 in this case. The poisons in the mud will leach out, as Claudius used to say.

  5. Oh my word! Poor poor Suki, she should sell her story to Take a Break or a magazine of a similar ilk, that might make her a few quid. Keep us posted x.

  6. Maybe you have only scratched the surface. Some people are adept at appearing like one person when they really someone else. This is getting to be such a bizarre story.

  7. OMG it's the first time I have read your blog and it feels like watching the 1st episode of a TV drama.

    I hope your sister in law is ok, she should be grieving but I suspect she is so angry and feels so let down!

    Vanessa x

  8. Bloody hell RM - unbelieveable, just unbelievable, but also so sad (I'm thinking of how upset your kiddies are). What a tos**r he was...

  9. Wow!! Poor Suki. This story is terrible. I need to read back to find out more.

  10. OMG! you couldn't make that up!! poor suki to left with all that mess :( x

  11. And I thought my life was complicated!! First time visit to your blog - need a lie-down now!!

  12. That's QUITE a saga!

    I'm new to mummy blogging but have been enjoying your blog so there's an award for you over at my blog. Apologies if you've had it already - I don't really know what I'm doing (with awards, motherhood, life in general...)

  13. Helloooo!

    IQ - Will do. You couldnt make it up could you? Life is stranger than fiction! xx

    MAM - I hope so. I feel like I'm in the middle of Corrie! xx

    Cat - Sometimes I yearn for a quiet life!!!! xx

    MG - So right. My Nan used to say - it will all come out in wash. I think we're on spin cycle at the mo!

    WAW - What a great idea! I will suggest it to her. Might pay for the funeral/wake! xx

    TB - I thought he was a nice bloke - I didnt see him that often, but he was always pleasant enough. A strange world we live in. xx

    V - yeah, she's furious. Unfortunately she still loves him. So she is angry at being betrayed but also grieving. Awful! Thanks for stopping by. My blog is not usually this weird! xx

    MT - yeah the kids were upset, but they seem ok now. We'll just have to bury this one in the already full cupboard along with other skeletons! xx

    Hit 40 - It has finished yet neither. At this rate it will dragging on forever! xx

    Amy - Shocking innit? Life always chuck's a little squiggle along the way, just to make sure you're paying attention! xx

    Kate - ah, thanks for the visit. You've come along at strange time. Still, hopefully it will get better. xx

    DLM - thanks so much for thinking of me. I'll pop over and have a cuppa with you.

    Thank you so much for all your comments. Sorry I've been late in replying, got a bit bogged down what with one thing and another!

    Much love to you across the cyber waves.




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